Practitioners are forcibly injected With Drugs that Damage the Nervous System

[Gaoyang County, Hebei Province]

Recently, a Falun Dafa practitioner endured torture and violent punishment at Gaoyang Forced Labour Camp. After over 50 days on a hunger strike, he was released.

The Gaoyang Forced Labour Camp also released a practitioner from Zhangbei County. This practitioner had also endured many kinds of torture including injections of drugs that damage the nervous system. After the torture the practitioner was disoriented and muddleheaded. Upon hearing such news, his family tried repeatedly before succeeding in bringing him home.

A few days ago, three practitioners from Zhangbei County were sent to the Gaoyang Forced Labour Camp. Because one of the practitioners did not put his personal belongings in the appointed place, he was immediately slapped in the face twice and forced to stand facing the wall. The other two practitioners were taken back to Zhangbei county because their physical exam revealed they had diseases.

According to practitioners released from the Gaoyang Forced Labour Camp, the labour camp holds forced brainwashing classes in stages. Anyone who does not accept the brainwashing will suffer other forms of torture. The means of punishment are extremely cruel.


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