The Netherlands: A Chinese Lady Who Realized the Truth Was Gratified to Know Falun Dafa

One day, I came across a friend whom I hadn’t seen for years. She was from mainland China and has lived in the Netherlands for many years. After greeting each other, the topic between us was naturally turned towards Falun Gong. She said with smile: “ Ha, ha, I bumped into a true Falun Gong practitioner today. What’s going on with Falun Gong after all? All the people in the world have heard of it. Many people came to know it through Chinese mass media, but I simply do not believe in China’s propaganda. During the Cultural Revolution, many kind people died with grievance. At that time, the mass media only flattered those in power all day long, but they never reported the injustice that those kind people had suffered. Chinese mass media are different from foreign media. As a matter of fact, Chinese mass media are only the megaphones of the people in power. As I went through the Cultural Revolution myself, it is impossible for me to believe anything easily.

My father was persecuted to death with a fabricated accusation during that period of time. At the instigation of the XX Party, the Chinese people came to fight against each other. Many people felt proud when they hurt others, but it was beyond their imagination that their punishment would come soon. In fact, it is retribution. They deserve to be punished with evil as they hurt others first. I always believe that benevolent deeds will be rewarded with good. It is a lucky coincidence to meet you today, as I have long been anxious to figure out the truth of the Falun Gong incident. I was told that there is a book on Falun Gong. Can I borrow this book to read? I am determined to read this book thoroughly with my own eyes. ”

I took Zhuan Falun [the main book of Falun Gong] to her place soon after that. As she was receiving the book, she said: ”Can you demonstrate the five sets of exercises now?” So I showed her the five sets of exercises. Although she said that she simply wanted to take a look at these exercises, she could not help imitating the movements herself while murmuring: “How wonderful it is! I feel so comfortable practising these exercises.” After practising the exercises, all of a sudden she asked me with amazement: “ Is that Falun Gong? ” I replied: “Yes, Falun Gong is composed of the book of Zhuan Falun and these five sets of exercises.” She said: “ So it is such a wonderful cultivation pratice that has been suppressed by Chinese government for more than two years! Jiang Zemin is so vicious and out of conscience that he will certainly come to no good end.” A few days later, I called this lady to see if she had read the book. She said with a sigh: “What a great book! The reading made me peaceful. All my bad temper has gone. I have almost become another person. As you know, I used to have a bad temper, but now I just cannot get angry. Now not only I myself am reading Zhuan Falun, my husband is also reading it . He said that every sentence said by Teacher Li is the truth, and he is proud of coming from the same province as Teacher Li.”

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