Netherlands: Urgent Rescue Activities in front of the Hague World Court

The World Court of the United Nations is located at Hague, the Netherlands's political and cultural center. In the Hague, there are located the Netherlands's government, parliament, and embassies of foreign countries. Many war criminals, thugs trampling on human rights, have been tried and punished there. The SOS activity held in front of the World Court is the charge and trial against Jiang Zemin and his associates.

On October 20, 2001, around 120 Falun Dafa practitioners from Britain, France, Germany, Ireland and Netherlands gathered on the square in front of the World Court.

The statement read at the press conference strongly demanded that Jiang Zemin's government release practitioner Zhao Ming immediately and appealed to the international community to make more effort to rescue Zhao Ming. The speech also demanded that Jiang Zemin's government was to dismantle and abolish the "610 Office" and immediately stop the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. Two Falun Gong practitioners from the Netherlands condemned Jiang Zemin's government in their speech, which arrested and tortured their relatives in China. The representative of non-government organizations condemned Jiang Zemin's government for its violation of international pacts and trampling human rights. Under the guard of three police officers, three practitioners went to the Chinese Embassy to hand over an appealing letter. Later, the practitioners showed the Falun Gong exercises and sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate evil.

The practitioners were allowed to walk together back to their residence although the parade permit was not approved. They divided into four groups and walked back along different routes, passing the prince's mansion, the premier's office, and the square in front of the parliament. They reached their locations through the crowds of people downtown. Over 40 practitioners stopped on the square and conducted a group exercise for nearly 20 minutes following the exercise music. Many on-lookers requested Falun Dafa materials. Within the three-hour activities, the practitioners distributed 5,000 pieces of Dafa newspaper and nearly 4,000 SOS flyers.


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