Japan: Practitioners Rally In front of Chinese Consulate in Osaka to Protest CCP's Atrocity

Practitioners were shocked upon hearing that practitioner Gao Rongrong was tortured to death by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). For her unyielding faith in Falun Dafa, Ms. Gao's face was disfigured in May 2004 after more than 6 hours' shock by electric batons. She was again abducted and detained for further persecution in March 2005, and she died on June 16 due to failure of internal organs. In the morning of June 21, practitioners in Kinki area gathered in front of Chinese consulate at Osaka to protest CCP for the killing of Ms. Gao.

Practitioners displayed a banner which read "Commemorate Gao Rongrong and Bring murderers to justice" to protest the CCP's atrocities. Practitioners also call upon all consulate officials with sense of justice to withdraw from the CCP.

To send a protest letter to the CCP regime, practitioners requested to meet with the consul general. However, when the staff of the consulate learned that we are practitioners of Falun Gong, they pretended that they didn't hear anything and refused to answer our request. Several Japanese police officers at the site witnessed the moment. They shook their heads as they couldn't understand the action taken by the consulate.

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