Germany: Anti-torture Exhibition and Information Day in Darmstadt

On May 21st 2005, practitioners from Rhein-Main supported Falun Gong group in Darmstadt where they held an anti-torture exhibition and an information day. The exhibition included paintings from Falun Gong practitioners, many of whom have suffered persecution first-hand. People were drawn to the caged Heidelberger Falun Gong practitioner, re-enacting a torture scene that is used in cruel attempts to force practitioners in China to renounce their beliefs. The pictures attracted many people and made a deep impression on the viewers. People stopped to learn more about Falun Gong and the human rights abuses perpetrated by the Chinese Communist Party.

First thing in the morning, a thunderstorm and heavy rain appeared to thwart our efforts for that day. Shortly after practitioners arrived, finished setting up the exhibition and began to do the exercises and send righteous thoughts, the clouds dissipated and the sun pierced through. Improvement in the weather resulted in more and more people arriving on the streets around us. People were drawn to our exhibition and stopped to talk to us.

One elderly lady remained for a long time in front of our information stall, signed the petition list, read all the information material carefully and accepted some of the flyers. She asked where she could find the nearest Falun Gong exercise site and insisted that she would go there and join the practitioners. She couldn’t leave and remained at the stall for a long time. This lady approached a practitioner who had pinned a homemade paper lotus flower on her coat collar. The lady’s eyes were fixed on the lotus flower. The practitioner gave her the lotus flower and explained what it represented: “The lotus flower grows in mud. Yet, it remains pure and unsoiled.” Not until then could this elderly lady tear herself away from our exhibition, showing deep happiness through her shining eyes.

A North African man deplored the cruelty by the Chinese Communist Party, who behave worse than animals. At least, animals do not torture their own kind to death.

Two small boys, who appeared to be around seven years old, and a ten-year old girl circled the stall on their bikes for quite a while. They repeatedly asked questions about Falun Gong, the persecution, the anti-torture exhibition, etc. We explained everything clearly and they listened wide-eyed. Soon after, one of the small boys asked if they could sign the petition. They painstakingly wrote their names and addresses on the lists. They were completely immersed in today’s activities. When it was time to pack up, they asked if they could help us. We gladly accepted their support and help, proffered from deep within their hearts.

Most noticeable that day was the open-mindedness of the Darmstadt townspeople regarding Falun Gong. Many people’s eyes were filled with curiosity when they approached our booth. They remained with us for quite a while. They listened with great interest to our explanation, and willingly signed the petition concerning the family of Jiang Renzheng, recently deported back to China by the German Government and now suffering persecution because they practise Falun Gong. Some told us that they had already heard about Falun Gong, but they had no idea that there were so many practitioners worldwide and that there was such an inhuman persecution happening in China.

Many people were alarmed by the injustices in this world, but they unanimously agreed with us that there was nothing worse then the persecution perpetrated by the Chinese regime on Falun Gong practitioners. It was most disconcerting to them, because the Falun Gong practitioners strive to be good people.

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