Germany: Prior to the German Foreign Minister's Visit to China, Practitioners in Berlin Hold a Torture Exhibition

Prior to the German Foreign Minister’s visit to China, practitioners from Berlin and nearby cities held a torture exhibition in front of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the 8th of July, calling for the German Minister’s attention to the persecution against Falun Gong conducted by the Jiang group and to expose its attempt to intensify the persecution overseas.

The area around the Ministry is quiet with not many passers-by. However, after opinions were exchanged, Berlin practitioners believed that clarifying the facts to the Ministry was significant prior to the Foreign Minister’s visit to China. Practitioners made the implements in a short time, some of their friends with make-up skills, upon hearing about the torture exhibition to expose the evil, were very happy to offer their help, they did the make-up for the practitioners with great care.

Although there were not many pedestrians, many vehicles passed by. A lot of cars, including buses full of Chinese visitors, stopped at the traffic lights in front of the Ministry, people all turned their heads to watch the exhibition and read the huge banners carefully. Many of them were happy to accept the truth-clarifying materials. There were also visiting students queuing for entrance to the Ministry from time to time. They were all surprised that this kind of cruel and inhuman behavior was happening in China nowadays.

Groups of people, who were mainly Ministry workers and foreign diplomats, frequented the coffee bar located on the ground floor of the Ministry, they all perceived the appeal from practitioners’ hearts. Workers in the ministry could also see the exhibition through their windows.

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