Remembering 100% Pure Iron Ore

In the past I had taken part in a discussion with some of my fellow practitioners about using the metaphor of “forging Iron Ore into 100% pure Iron Ore’s. Forging Iron Ore into 99% purity is a very involved, difficult and trying process. Yet forging the last 1% to make complete 100% purity is harder then forging the previous 99%. It is said to be quite to be a difficult process.

This sentiment was shared amongst practitioners in the past as we felt each new level’s higher requirement on us getting more and more difficult. When I first began cultivation I welcomed the tribulations, crying as they broke my heart and laughing at the pain of my senseless and ignorant human side. Tribulation then awakening. Again and again. As the difficulties got greater so did the enlightenment. I didn’t really notice the speed and increased frequency of tribulations and interference until recently when I have been able to reflect on the past 5 years of my cultivation.

A tribulation would come then I would break through, feeling anew with a new view continue on practising for some time then another test and so on. Yet what I recently noticed is that as the length of time between the big tests, interference and facing the layers of my fundamental attachments was getting smaller and smaller. They were happening more frequently and more rapidly.

Recently I was very discouraged in my cultivation. I was struggling with very basic cultivation issues and it was seriously interfering with my efforts to validate Dafa. Each new failure depleted my wisdom and gong potency and my tolerance became weak and my heart and mind more narrow. I would study Fa, make sure not to forget sending righteous thoughts.

I did all the things right in my mind and heart but it seemed not to matter. I could make clear what thoughts weren’t mine, replace them with Zhen Shan Ren and tell the evil beings that I only follow my Master. Each time I thought the evil was cleared away. Yet moments later I would fail a test. I felt like I wasn’t able to cultivate anymore. Until one group study one day while reading Masters New York lecture in 2003.

“Your path, and I think you have all seen this, is actually very narrow. If you deviate just a little bit you won’t measure up to the standard of a Dafa disciple. There’s only one very righteous path we can walk on. Even just a little bit of deviation won’t do because this is required by history, and required by the lives of sentient beings in the future Cosmos. The Cosmos in the future can’t have any deviation and errors because we had gaps during the Fa-rectification. So it’s important for us to walk each and every step well during our own validating the Fa, even though it looks ordinary.”

After reading this part with the group I began to remember how Master described time in the past. Master said that one day is like a year from the past. Afterwards he said one second is like a year from the past. So if that is the speed how fast does it increase and what effects does it have?

Regardless its all beyond our comprehension but we can sense it and experience it. One of the ways I feel this speed is that the time between tests, tribulations has become almost non existent. The universe is moving faster and faster, the Fa Rectification is getting stronger and stronger and evil is becoming more and more crazy and desperate. There attacks and efforts to take advantage of our weaknesses are without break or hesitation. Speed and attack from the evil is ceaselessly increasing and our path now is very narrow.

Yet this is not only a matter of the end of cultivation and the evil being backed into a corner. Master has said numerous times that we are different because we are linked to the Fa Rectification. Our cultivation is special for this reason. Yet specifically this time period is extra special. In the past we have all successfully cultivated to completion. But the past completion was not complete. Never has any consummation been complete. Yet this large number of boundlessly magnificent and massive great beings who will consummate as Fa Rectification Dafa disciples is still only portion of this times unmatchable magnificence.

In New York, Master said: “But what I want to do today is not only make changes to your body at the surface, and it’s not just about people in the human world being able to truly cultivate into Gods outside of the Three Realms. Rather, it’s about the harmonizing of the entire Cosmic system. In the past almost nobody was able to cultivate into a God outside of the Three Realms - They didn’t leave the Three Realms, but they were Gods. Yet what I want to accomplish today, by conferring the cultivation method to Dafa disciples, is to establish in the Cosmos an unprecedented, even higher wisdom. The goal is to allow beings that drop down in the future to be able to return from here. This is part of the Cosmos being able to harmonize itself. So why do I always emphasize this? If today’s Dafa disciples are able to go the final step, it will have created the path for human beings to become Gods. That’s never happened before in history “But this time, not only will Dafa disciples cultivate their bodies out of the Three Realms, I also wanted to have you cultivate to different levels, up to Kings and Lords of extremely high levels. And that’s validating the wisdom of the new Cosmos, and it’s one form of future beings reaching the state of harmonizing. So this is no minor thing. The very end of changing the surface body is reaching the highest purity. Reaching such a high degree - that’s never been attempted by Gods and no Gods ever dared to think about it, because in the eyes of Gods, they feel that everything below is unbearably filthy. This time I’ve done such a thing. Dafa disciples’ Consummation is precedent setting, and it has created a path for the future.”

This “The very end of changing the surface body is reaching the highest purity” is exactly the last 1% of the process of forging the iron ore to 100% purity. This has never been done before and our completing “the very end of changing the surface” is forging the path for the future beings so they can go back up when they fall. ”This is part of the Cosmos being able to harmonize itself.” All matter is alive and all living beings are made of matter, when matter degenerates to a rotten state rather than meeting with destruction it can now be renewed and ascend on the path we will leave for future beings through our righteous cultivation in Dafa.

In LA Master said: “In the future this human place will be an extremely special place. And why do I say that? No matter how long humankind’s history is, humankind was created to save all beings and for the Fa-rectification, and that’s why this level of human beings was created¡-But I chose this place back then because I wanted to give the beings in the cosmos who’ve dropped down a chance to go back, and to make this a part of the cosmos’ ability to allow beings to enter the harmonizing, all-encompassing, and no-destruction mechanism.”

Master said: “If you do well in your own cultivation, it will have bearing on major things in the future Cosmos.” Didn’t Master also say the principle of formation, stasis, degeneration and destruction would change? Of course this is done by Master, but what does it mean to follow to teacher closely?

Our cultivation directly influences and creates the future. The cultivation of this “last one percent” has never been done before and the entirety of its implications are beyond the imagination of even Buddhas Taos and Gods.

Recently some practitioners have told me when they are having difficulties “I have never been so angry in my whole life”, “I am in the worst cultivation state of my entire cultivation.” I, too, have felt anger and hatred towards my closest fellow practitioners. Yet once when I could eliminate this deviated sentiment and matter from in my heart, my eyes welled with tears. Not because I was letting go of attachments, eliminating interference and creating a better relationship with my fellow practitioners. My eyes filled with tears because I could feel myself saving sentient beings.

What we are doing is very serious and very difficult. What we face is not in this dimension and entirely relies on our ability to continue genuine cultivation. For these reasons it is particularly painful to not be able to and to see practitioners not coordinate well together. Now more than ever we need each other to face the final moments in history and help each other and the future to become even greater.

Fellow practitioner, from the deepest most fundamental part of my existence, I call out to you with the voice of my loudest God. Let’s Be Diligent! Vigorously Striving Forward Together!

When you fall on your face in cultivation and break your nose, get up and insist on breathing! If you break your jaw insist on continuing to speak and clarify the facts. If you see a fellow practitioner down lets help them and finish together this remaining time well.

If something is incorrect in what I have shared please point out. Thank you.

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