Report on The Efforts to Rescue Lili Lin

Lili Rescue Team in UK

March 1st

Upon receiving the news that Lili was sent to the Deportation Centre in Manchester International Airport, some UK Falun Gong disciples drove there in the early morning of Thursday. We exchanged understanding of Fa in the ride. We all believed we, as a unity, had to keep up the strength of our righteous thoughts no matter what would happen. That is, we had to get Lili out of the Deportation Centre. We should not allow her be deported to China.

When we arrived at the airport, we were told that Lili had been pregnant for six weeks, revealed by the physical checkup in the Deportation Centre, and that we would not be able to meet her until that afternoon. Therefore, we started sending forth the righteous thoughts every hour, and studied the Fa. Many Dafa practitioners knew about this event from Internet. They called to express their concerns, and proactively participated in the rescue activities. A lot of good recommendations and valuable help were provided by fellow practitioners, which highly encouraged us.

Not until 2 o’clock that afternoon did we have a chance to meet Lili in the heavily guarded Deportation Centre. During the past 12 hours, Dafa practitioners all over the world participated in the rescue in various degrees. Lili was very excited when she saw us. We told her about the concerns and support from Dafa disciples around the world. We also exchanged opinions about this event from the perspective of Fa, and encouraged each other. We could feel her strong righteous thoughts. She asked us to pass along her thoughts to Master Li and Dafa disciples: “Only Dafa is a pure land. I would like to express my sincere thanks to all practitioners. I am honoured to be one of Master’s disciples. I will strive forward more vigorously so that I can become a qualified Dafa disciple, and live up to Master’s expectation and Fellow Practitioners’ efforts.” Lili continuously received phone calls made by Dafa disciples everywhere around the world. She was deeply moved by these phone calls.

We had another Fa-exchange in the evening, and reached a unanimous consensus that we should make a peaceful appeal to Home Office in Liverpool. When we arrived at Home Office in the morning of Feb. 28, and displayed a banner across the street, Lili’s husband and an interpreter were invited by an immigration officer to make discussions. The immigration officer recommended us to hire a lawyer, and to have the lawyer fax the written request to Immigration Office so that Lili’s case can be reconsidered. Upon the completion of this meeting, we went to meet the MP who represents Lili’s region. The MP promised to provide necessary support, and cooperate with Lili’s lawyer. In the same afternoon when we were en route to meet Lili’s lawyer, we received telephone interviews from UK media.

Today (March 1), some of us continued to practise exercises and send forth the righteous thoughts in front of the Immigration Office; while the other went to visit local media to clarify the truth. Upon being notified, the radio station of Liverpool Student Association expressed their support, and broadcast this news as soon as possible. The station called for the general public to express their concerns to the Immigration Office.

We will continue to reinforce Fa-study and, to search inside. By understanding the Fa from within the Fa, we strive to form a solid unity, which is tough to be broken apart. By holding righteous thoughts and taking righteous actions truthfully, we can deny the arrangement of the old forces and, thus, accomplish the task of saving all beings.

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