Changchun Female Dafa Practitioner Cruelly Tortured: Nipples Burnt, Face Covered with Bloody Blisters, Thighs Festered from Shocks of Electric Batons

By a Dafa practitioner in Northeast China

In mid-March, 2002, I was illegally arrested by the first department of the Changchun City Public Security Bureau for being involved in the March 5 Changchun TV interjection event, and was brutally tortured during that period of time. After being arrested, I was sent to the Jingyue Hotel on top of the Jingyue Mountain. The Public Security Bureau occupied the entire first floor of the hotel. Each room was an interrogation room. With "tiger chairs" [The "tiger chair" is made of iron pipes. Victims are restrained on the iron chairs with both arms and legs tied for a long period of time, see illustration on], ropes, plastic bags, electric batons, and chargers, etc., inside. The rooms were gruesome places to stay. The windows were covered by double-layered curtains. The interrogations were carried on for 24 hours a day, and they had to continuously switch police officers to continue the interrogations.

Police officers brought me into a room and tied me down to a tiger chair. My arms were put behind my back and tied to the back of the chair and my two legs were bound up tightly together. Then, I was forcibly stripped down to my under-wear and left with my neck and chest exposed. When they failed to get any information from me, they started to shock me with electric batons.

One of them picked up two short, but thick electric batons to shock me ruthlessly. After a while, the policeman put the two electric batons on the two sides of my neck to shock me continuously. At the same time, another policeman shocked my two breasts with a long, but thin electric baton, which was extremely painful. Then this second policeman added another short electric baton to hit the backside of my neck. Being shocked by four electric batons simultaneously, my head was jerking up and down and I felt like my brain and skull would separate. The agony I endured was indescribable!

Later, they started to shock my face. When I cried, they noticed my opened mouth. The policeman who held the longer baton put the baton transversely into my mouth to shock. After a while, he used the baton transversely to shock both my eyes. Meanwhile, the other policeman put the two short electric batons into my armpits and shocked me continuously for a long time. The short and thick electric baton had two tines at the end. They pushed the pointed ends of the two batons into the flesh of my thighs to shock me. My flesh was pricked with holes, and the inner side of both my thighs became mashed. At the same time, the other policeman pricked the longer electric baton at my pubic bone. Since I was bound up, none of my movements could relieve my pains.
Later, my two breasts were the most badly shocked and burnt area. They directly pricked the pointed ends of the electric batons to my breasts and shocked me continuously for a long time. My two nipples were burnt black by the electric batons, but the two policemen still did not stop torturing. The weird smell of the electric batons and the smell of my burnt flesh filled the room. In this way, they tortured me for a whole night.

The second time, they poured a bottle of water onto my body by pulling my underwear collar off, so that my clothes were totally wet. Then, they shocked me with two electric batons. My body was forced to shrink under the electricity and the pain it caused is indescribably terrible. Then they untied me from the tiger chair, and tied my two arms tightly behind my back and then tied my arms with my feet from the back so I was forced to bend backwards in an arc. Then they hung me up, and dropped me down, so as to afflict great pain on me. They tortured me repeatedly in this way. At the same time, they used electric batons to shock my back endlessly. While torturing me, they said, "Your pain will keep escalating, and more pain is to come." They ruthlessly tortured me like this for 24 hours.

Aside from the two tortures, I was forced to sit on the tiger chair for four consecutive days and nights.
Finally, one policeman asked a section head while pointing his fingers at me, "Where should we send her to?"
The section head said, "Send her to the police squadron and have her buried alive."

Later, I was sent to a detention centre. When I entered the cell, seeing my situation, many of the people there cried. My neck was swollen to the size of my head, my face was full of bloody blisters. My ears extended because of swelling. My lips swelled and turned to the outside while covered by scars from all of the injuries. When I took off my clothes and exposed the injuries all over my body, all the people were so stunned by the scene, that many of them burst into tears and dared not look at me. On my breasts and under my armpits, were bruises and scars from wounds strung together like beads. My breasts swelled up and were too painful to be touched, my nipples were burnt black. It was too horrible to look at.

The criminal police officers who tortured me include Liu Huibin (male), Gao Hang (male), Jiang Tao (male), and a section head Gao (male), with another two who I don't know their names.

In March 2002, when I was in the detention centre, I saw many fellow Dafa practitioners who were badly tortured. They were sent there from different places including the Changchun criminal police brigade, from the first department, or other branches. Fellow Dafa practitioner Wang Lili was tortured to the point that her two legs swelled so much that she could not stand up or squat down. She was in a critical situation and lost the ability to use the toilet. Later, when she was hospitalized, doctors said her kidney was traumatized with haematuria (blood in the urine). Her hematocrit level was at only 2 [the normal hematocrit is about 7 for females].

Another fellow practitioner in her fifties was tortured many times by the police officers. She was shocked by electric batons, suffocated in plastic bags, struck against big trees while suspended by several people, etc. She suffered so much.

Another Dafa practitioner, her last name is Man, was badly beaten up by the police officers at the first department of Changchun public security bureau. When I met her, her neck had swollen up, her face was distorted, and thick scars had accumulated under her armpits from being shocked by electric batons. She said she was suffocated inside a plastic bag until she urinated, and was freed only after she had struggled for a long time.

When another female Dafa practitioner was interrogated by police, she heard the grieved cries of a male Dafa practitioner and the sound of electric batons when he was interrogated for a long period of time. She said that practitioner's name was Liang Zhensheng.

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