Young Teen's Heart-Rendering Story: Parents Sent to Labour Camp and Brother Sentenced to Jail

It was after 6 o'clock on November 7th 2002; a stranger came to my house and wanted my mother to go with him. Since my mother refused to go, the stranger sent in six more people to search my house. My parents tried to reason with them, but they didn't listen.

Then they handcuffed my parents and forced them to go to a detention centre. It was a frightening scene! I didn't want them to go, but the strangers didn't listen. It's been two months since then. I miss my parents very much! My uncle went to the detention centre to try to get my parents to come home, but he was told, "Both were sentenced to forced labour education for three years. The bail is 10,000 Yuan." [The average monthly income for an Chinese urban worker is 500 Yuan.]

Only my second oldest brother and I are now left at home. In the spring of last year, my oldest brother was abducted from home by people from the "610 Office" [An agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems.] He was detained in a middle school, and then he escaped and was forced to stay away from home to avoid further persecution.

However, he was discovered, arrested again and put into a detention centre. On November 1, 2002, my parents went to the detention centre to visit him and were told that he was sentenced to jail for 7 years! You cannot imagine the shock we all felt! We were not ever told anything about the court session or the court's decision. At the time, my brother was not even 18 years old yet. We don't know what his current situation is.

My second oldest brother is now in the first year of high school, and I am in the first year of middle school. We want to continue our studies and see our parents. Kindhearted people, please help us.

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