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  • Only With Trust in Teacher Li and the Falun Gong Teachings Can We Overcome Tribulations

    My back ached and my hands were numb from the copying. At night, after I only had a bowl of rice porridge and some pickles to eat, my stomach grumbled. However, I remembered Master Li's words and I felt much better. Then, other practitioners proofread what I had copied. I had done a good job, as I was copying with a calm mind. There were not that many mistakes. So then all three cells had three lectures and each practitioner could have one lecture.
  • Family and Medical Staff Witness the Miracle of Falun Dafa

    At my family's encouragement I went to have a medical examination on November 9th, 2004. The resulting indicators showed my condition was back to normal. The doctors and my family were happy. I clarified the truth to the experts and professors, telling them how I miraculously fully recovered, to a state better than a normal person, only because I cultivated in Falun Dafa.
  • My Recovery from a Terminal Illness: A Cancer Survivor's Story

    It is November now. I have survived through October, the month in which my doctor expected that I would die. I did not die. Instead, I am much healthier. The clerk from the village health department took me to a city hospital for another examination. The doctor asked: "Can the patient get up from his bed?" The doctor couldn't believe that the result of the CT exam was correct. She asked me with confusion: "How could you have such strong immunity? Did you take any other medicine?" After she heard the details of how I became healthy, she praised Falun Dafa as being something very marvellous.
  • Doctor: "Falun Dafa Is Just Miraculous!"

    Seeing the radiant glow on my face, my colleagues asked me what kind of makeup I was using or if I had been receiving facials on a regular basis. I was happy to tell them, "It's because I have cultivated in Falun Dafa and practise the exercises." They felt it was strange when they heard this and asked me, "Is it really so miraculous?" I said that it was true, and that I hadn't needed to take any medication since I started practising Falun Dafa.
  • Helping the Family Members of Practitioners Being Persecuted to Have Upright Thoughts

    I heard that the arrested practitioner's husband was having a very difficult time since her arrest. He blamed her and was resentful towards the fellow practitioners who contacted her. Her husband did not know of me. Looking at the entire situation, I knew that the practitioner in custody worried the most. To help her family correctly comprehend Falun Dafa and her fellow practitioners was very important. I also wanted to see if her children needed any care or help from me.
  • Detention Centre Becomes a Falun Gong Class Due To Practitioners' Righteous Thoughts and Actions

    As our efforts progressed, many people began to learn about Falun Dafa and their bias toward the Dafa practitioners vanished as the environment swiftly improved. One financial section head asked about the "April 25" incident and the "Tiananmen Square Self-Immolation." After hearing the facts he said, "From the very beginning I suspected there was something phony about it, now I understand."
  • Study of the Falun Gong Teachings has Been My Shield against the Persecution

    Later, fellow practitioners who were arrested confessed to the authorities on two occasions about my involvement in Falun Gong activities. For a third time, I was reported to the authorities by a print shop owner who was forced to confess. She told them that I printed more than forty pages of Falun Dafa materials in her shop. Actually, most of the materials that I made were printed in her shop. It was a very serious matter. If you put all three confessions together, I could have been sentenced to a few years of imprisonment.
  • A Little Story

    One day when packing my suitcase to take with me on a trip to attend a conference, I couldn’t find my passport. I searched everywhere twice, even three times, but I just couldn’t find it. I couldn't even remember having seen it after my previous journey. Therefore the only thing I could do, as it was the day I was to travel, was to go to the police station to have a one-year passport promptly issued.
  • Exposing the Lies to Tourists from Mainland China

    According to people from Mainland China who went abroad, the tour guides and local guides claimed that Falun Gong practitioners who display picture boards and hand out truth clarification materials are hired, and these tour guides also claimed that they were paid for doing this. Some people believed these lies, and this caused misunderstandings. These problems happened in Europe, Macao, Hong Kong and other areas. We have learned that tour guides from Chinese tour agencies are required to slander Falun Gong by their superiors, asking them to claim that practitioners who do truth clarification work overseas are paid to do so. From this we can see how Jiang Zemin's faction and the CCP use lies to slander Falun Gong.
  • I Read A Falun Gong Book Three Times and Regained My Health

    My wife, who often looked after me, was not well either, and she suffered from several chronic ailments. After my wife had seen the transformation in me, she began to study Falun Gong. All her chronic diseases went away, and she regained her health. She said cheerfully: "Falun Dafa is great!" From then on, my wife and I studied the Falun Gong teachings every day, and we both started to practise Falun Gong. Now, we are always in a good mood and do not need to worry about our medical expenses any more.
  • Young Practitioner: I Went to Tiananmen Square and Cried Out for All to Hear "Falun Dafa Is Good"

    In Beijing, during a flag raising ceremony in Tiananmen Square, I called out for all to hear, "Falun Dafa is good!" After the ceremony, I felt that I should let even more people know, so I turned and ran towards the people walking in the square, shouting, "Falun Dafa is good!" After a while, the group leader discovered that I wasn't with the team and could not find me. He scolded me when he found me, but I did not hold any grudge against him for that.
  • Informing Everyone I Encounter With the True Facts About Falun Gong

    I said firmly, "This practise is great. Our teacher teaches us to be a good person, a better person. Not only does this practise help people become noble, it also eliminates one's sickness karma." I told him that I had suffered from multiple diseases before practising Falun Gong. In particular, I had severe psoriasis. The doctor from the Provincial Skin Research Institute had told me that no medicine could cure this condition. At that time, I also suffered from gastric disease, neurasthenia, and other ailments. All my diseases were healed after practising Falun Gong for half a year."
  • Mr. Sun Finds His Way Out of a Desperate Situation by Studying Falun Dafa

    From these materials, Mr. Sun found the things that this is what he had been looking for and realised that only the practise of Falun Dafa could save him. After reading the materials, Mr. Sun's leg started to have circulation again and wasn't as painful anymore. His leg changed from black to red, and the festering areas started to contract. Two weeks later he could get out of bed and walk with a stick and take care of himself again.
  • An Experience of Getting Rid of Symptoms of Illness

    In the course of experience sharing, fellow practitioners told me kindly that I have attachments to food and drink. I loved eating hot peppers too much, and any meal without hot peppers was not appetising to me. I also loved drinking tea too much--I almost could not drink plain water. In addition, I also liked to eat meat and had some other relatively intense attachments. These I was able to realise by myself, but had always thought that they were not a big issue and that there was no need to pay much attention to them.
  • Taking the Initiative to Help Stop the Persecution

    Why do you force people to disrespect him by stepping on his photo?" Speaking quite loudly to the police officers, I continued, "Take a good look at me. I am the same person that you once released because I had gotten cancer. But I didn't die like you were so sure I would. My master took care of me again. Do I look like a person who is dying?" I spoke at length in this vein. They all lowered their heads and had nothing to say. That day, all the family members who had come to visit imprisoned Falun Gong practitioners received permission to do so.