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  • I Found My Shortcomings While Rescuing a Fellow Practitioner

    Some of the non-practitioner relatives were doing everything they could to obstruct practitioners from going to the authorities to request the woman's release. They argued that such actions would be equivalent to surrounding and attacking the government, and participating in politics. They did not agree to demand a release no matter what I said. Also, during the discussions, their words were rude and hurtful, and I felt humiliated.
  • Clarifying the Facts with Ease

    It is better to clarify the facts in one go and speak quickly. By doing that, the person's thoughts follow my thoughts, and no evil can interfere. When I send righteous thoughts at the set times, I always add one thought to eliminate the CCP evil spirits' interference and its control over the sentient beings, and to send the words "Falun Dafa is good" to the dimensional fields of sentient beings.
  • Attachment to Time and Cultivation Level

    I feel that our concept of time truly portrays our cultivation levels and whether we truly believe in Dafa. Does a Buddha have an attachment to time? Would a Buddha be attached to consummation? A cultivator close to the realm of Buddhas would not have these attachments. He (or she) would just peacefully do well the three things that Master requests us to do. The three things naturally become a part of practitioners' daily lives.
  • Believe in Master and Dafa, Keep Up With Fa Rectification (Part 2)

    As Fa rectification pushes forward Master has repeatedly asked us to send righteous thoughts as a whole body, to eliminate the evil. As a Fa rectification period Dafa disciple, we are required to join the activity to send righteous thoughts four times a day. It is our mission, so we must keep up. I shared my righteous thoughts experience because I hope other practitioners will take it seriously and live up to the title, "Fa rectification Dafa disciples."
  • Some Understandings to Encourage Those Who Have Difficulty Concentrating during Fa-study

    Study the Fa with a calm and quiet mind. When it is time to study the Fa, you should only study the Fa. When it is time to do the exercises, you should only do the exercises. When it is time to clarify the truth, you should just clarify the truth. You must not do one thing while thinking about another thing. Whatever you do, just put your whole heart into it.
  • The Power of Buddha Law

    The purpose of spreading Buddha Law is to save sentient beings. Everyone has his Buddha nature. Sincerely reciting "Falun Dafa is Good" and "Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance is Good" is the manifestation of your belief and respect for Buddha. You will experience the enormous graciousness of Buddha Law. When you truly believe in the Buddha Law, how can Buddha not save you?
  • The Attachment to Comfort Can Destroy a Cultivator

    This desire for comfort has severely affected my cultivation and my efforts to offer sentient beings salvation. This state of being cannot only lead me astray in my personal consummation, it could also threaten my life. Master has rescued us from hell. Remembering the frightening scene in my dream makes me I feel that I would be irresponsible for my life if I still do not have the will to eliminate the desire for comfort.
  • My Experience of Returning Home Safely from a Detention Centre

    When the police came to drag me into the car, he blocked them and said some strong words to them. I was also determined, and able to let go of life and death, and I absolutely would not get into the police car. The police realized that their plan would not work by force, so they tried a softer approach. A policewoman was sent to persuade me. She said a lot, but had only one goal - getting me into the police car. No matter what she said, I didn't yield. After a while she left.
  • What I Saw in a Dream About the Conclusion of Fa-Rectification

    I carefully walked to Teacher and murmured in fear, "Teacher, can I go back with you?" Teacher slowly turned his head and looked at me with a very serious look and said, "You are still not good enough." Upon that, I slid down.
  • An Understanding about "Good or Evil Comes from a Person's Spontaneous Thought"

    One may not be able to recognize one's attachment during a tribulation, however, the persecution should be sternly denied. When the tribulation occurs, one should be firm in his righteous thoughts and deny the persecution instead of making the tribulation worse by allowing the old forces to use our attachments. Afterwards, we should find out what the attachment is that caused our omission and eliminate it through cultivation so that the old forces will not have an excuse to use it again to interfere with our doing the three things.
  • Believe in Master and Dafa, Keep Up With Fa Rectification (Part I)

    I wanted people to know what Falun Dafa was about and its worth, even if only one person learned the truth. I used pressure-sensitive copying paper so I could produce three copies at a time, and when I was tired, my sister took over. We accumulated 50 copies before going out and posting them. It was the first time we had some kind of authentic information about Falun Gong in our local area, and I did what a Dafa disciple was supposed to do.
  • Take the Fa as Teacher, Because There Are No Role Models to Follow in Cultivation Practice

    In my understanding, a practitioner's being arrested during this time is perhaps because the old forces are using the excuse of his not respecting Teacher and the Fa, and therefore they use his attachments and loopholes in this respect as their excuse to ruthlessly persecute him. As Dafa practitioners, we do not acknowledge any persecution. But since it has happened, we should look inside to find the reasons why and the lessons that we need to learn from this.
  • My Understanding of "Harmonization Without Destruction"

    When our thoughts deviate from the universe's fundamental principles of Truthfulness-Compassion- Forbearance, and our main consciousness realizes it, then we can actively assimilate to Dafa to rectify our thoughts. In the process, the negative substances within us will be reduced, and we will gradually become righteous. It is a repetitive process until we thoroughly assimilate to Dafa, align ourselves with the fundamental characteristics of the universe and finally reach the state of "all-harmonizing-and-never-failing."
  • A Few of My Truth Clarification Experiences

    I have met people who don't understand what I'm talking about and simply laugh. They say, "Young people like you also believe in this?" Some people have refused to talk with me and some have reprimanded me. I refuse to let them move me. Instead I send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the communist evil spectre and other evil factors behind them.
  • Thoughts on Seeking "Inside Information"

    At those times when the evils are gathering together to persecute practitioners, it's a good opportunity for us to clean them all out. Teacher provides us with opportunities to establish our mighty virtue and we should treasure them. Miracles can happen when we firmly believe in Teacher and the Fa and use Dafa disciples' righteous thoughts to handle all things.