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  • Cultivating for One Year

    That evening, when I recognised my shortcoming, I could take the pain when sitting in the Lotus position. Before, I could only stand 2 minutes of pain. Suddenly I sat there for 30 minutes and the pain receded a little after a while.
  • Cultivation in Promoting Shen Yun

    When selling tickets in those days we often felt the encouragement and reinforcement from Master. We were selling tickets from 10:00 am to 8pm. On the first day we found there were more people in the shopping centre in the morning and less people in the afternoon. So we decided to go there one hour earlier, and come back one hour earlier.
  • Truth Clarification to Politicians

    We are a couple and have been cultivating in Falun Gong since November 2001. Back then, our health and mental state were poor and we had hoped for us to improve through practising Falun Gong. In the first one-and-a-half years, our personal cultivation was at the forefront. We knew about the persecution of Falun Gong in China, but we only contributed in a very minor way.
  • Forming One Body is Superior to Personal Achievements

    I started my cultivation of Dafa seven years ago. Just like many other practitioners, I have experienced, directly or indirectly, many things Master mentions in Zhuan Falun. Although it doesn’t seem like I have made great progress in cultivation, looking back I feel I've changed a lot.
  • Improving Myself during Shen Yun Promotion

    It was early December when we started local Shen Yun promotion. In the early stages, we usually give out flyers at nice theatres after their show is over. I asked myself to treat every task in Shen Yun promotion seriously. I studied the Fa first every time before I went to the theatre, and sent righteous thoughts on the way to the theatre.
  • To Take Hardship as Joy

    I realized that my state of mind wasn’t good. I wasn’t friendly to people I saw, not to mention being compassionate whilst promoting Shen Yun. I soon realized that this incident was a revelation to me: I should improve myself.
  • Righteous Thoughts to Save Sentient Beings

    My tendency to prove myself right and my showing-off mentality was clearly exposed. I grew very angry, and my thoughts were full of this other person’s conceitedness and the look on his face. I thought of fighting with him and wanted to speak to him about how he can be so conceited. These tribulations allowed me to see, over the past year what I’ve managed to let go of, and what I still held onto.
  • Stepping Out of Humanness and Helping Master to Rectify the Fa

    For a long time, I've had a habit of hiding some of my inner feelings, especially those which are negative. I have now realized that this is, in fact, also a manifestation of CCP culture, a self-protective tactic born of selfishness. A great enlightened being is always able to calmly face heaven and earth. After enlightening on this point and with fellow practitioners' encouragement, I have written my first experience sharing article since I began cultivating 16 years ago.
  • Eliminating Selfishness and Joining the Group

    Studying the Fa in a group is what Master asks us to do. It is also something that every practitioner should try his or her best to maintain. On January 17, 2013, I moved to an apartment and lived with other practitioners while promoting Shen Yun in Vienna. I attended the Fa-study group very few times and always had some excuse or other for why I couldn't, but it was actually due to my laziness.
  • Predestined Relationship with Dafa – My Cultivation Experience

    Out of curiosity, my fourth sister and I went to a Falun Gong practice site on January 5, 1999. At that time, they were playing Master's lecture, and I heard, “'The Buddha Fa' is most profound.” (Lunyu) I was deeply moved, as I did not know that Falun Gong was Buddha practice cultivation. I had been interested in the divine world since I was little. I wanted to practise cultivation but I didn't know how. But I had now found it.
  • New Practitioners Experience the Miracles of Dafa

    Below I would like to share a few stories of incredible experiences of Dafa practitioners in my area. All of these experiences happened soon after they took up Falun Dafa cultivation practice.
  • Falun Dafa—A Righteous Path and Hope for Humanity

  • Since I Started Practising Falun Gong, I Have Become the Happiest Person

    I started practising Falun Gong in 1997. I spent two nights finishing reading Zhuan Falun (Falun Gong's main text) for the first time. I thought, "Teacher was so right about how karmic retributions come swiftly!" I was having a hard time with a xinxing test at the time. I interpreted that xinxing test as paying off the karma I had created through doing bad things and bullying others.
  • Suggestions for Falun Dafa Coordinators Who Harbor Attachments

    I knew several practitioners in my local area who did not do things according to the Fa principles. They did not listen to the ideas of others and often had conflicts with fellow practitioners when coordinating projects. I considered writing about these cultivation issues for a long time, but I thought that it might not be appropriate. I changed my mind today.
  • Experience Sharing from Two Art Exhibitions in Sweden 2012

    It was important to distribute materials widely, especially here, because the art gallery was not centrally situated. A few practitioners wanted to distribute materials in the suburbs and in the city centre, while a practitioner living in the town went on foot or by bus to different places with materials, as she knew the city. The rest of us from other parts of Sweden hung the paintings and guided the people at the exhibition.