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  • Let Go of Notions

    Through diligent Fa study, my understanding became clearer. I actually treated my family members different from outsiders. I always hoped to maintain a harmonious atmosphere at home, and was afraid of facing problems. Therefore, during a conflict my mind was immediately interfered with.
  • Maintaining a Peaceful Mind in the Midst of Tribulation

    After he came back, he told me, "The police want to send you to a labour camp for a year and are asking that you go to the police station for a medical examination. You might not have to go if your physical situation doesn't meet the requirements. They also said if you do not go, they will force open the door with a bar and also turn off the water and electricity to our home. They warned you not try to escape because their people are everywhere."
  • Tribulation Disappears when I Look Inward for My Omissions

    Master said in "Fa Teaching at the 2008 New York Conference," "Now is the final moment that concludes arrangements that are eons old." With the rapid progress of the Fa-rectification and the elevation of our cultivation levels, the requirements for us only get stricter and stricter. Every one of our thoughts and acts must be based on the Fa.
  • Cultivating Myself While Working at a Materials Production Site

    Problems occurred in our regional Dafa materials distribution site. Everyone connected with me for Dafa projects was persecuted by the evil CCP. It was a test when one of them was arrested. I sometimes felt fear. Whenever things happened I calmed down, studied the Fa and sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the old forces, dark minions and rotten ghosts who attempted to persecute and disturb me.
  • Completely Getting Rid of Selfishness

    "Selfishness" is like a lock that confines one's wisdom and ability. If selfishness exists, then the person will be occupied by their human notions and will pursue their individual self-interest. If one continues to get rid of selfishness, one will be able to continuously reach higher levels.
  • An Experience With Photographing Auras

    One man in his early twenties who had been practicing Falun Dafa for a few months was curious and decided to get his aura photographed. As it turned out, his aura was unlike anything the man running the stall had ever seen before. The colours were incredibly bright, and there were a number of bright clusters of yellow matter, the most notable being a circular shaped bright yellow mass in the area of the practitioner’s lower abdomen.
  • Three Stories about New Practitioners

    . When she returned to exchange money for her husband's release, the CCP officials said that they could not release him. She became so angry that she pounded on the table and told the communists that they had no moral concepts, and added, "Now I know that the problem is not Falun Gong. It is communism. In the past I always blamed my husband and Falun Gong, but they do not lie. They believe in Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. You guys are liars, and cannot be trusted..."
  • Introducing DPA to Finance and Business Managerial Personnel

    On our way back to my company, a colleague said to me, "I was really shocked when you gave the speech without a script. I was not sure what you were going to say and was worried you might scare away my clients. You are a very rational person and yet you talked with such profound feelings. You recommended the show with sincerity. I would certainly get tickets and watch it." (Later he bought 6 tickets)
  • Cultivation Experiences of Two New Dafa Practitioners

    The following morning, I again went to pick some parsley. As soon as I arrived at the garden, my MP3 player with Teacher's lectures suddenly stopped working--I felt distracted, wondering if this was a hint from Teacher. I enlightened that I should not have taken advantage of my neighbour’s friendliness by eating her vegetables, which she had laboured for. How much de (virtue, white matter) would I lose if I did not pay for the food? I have to buy what I want to eat.
  • Some Understandings about Selling Tickets for Divine Performing Arts Performances

    The best way to cut losses is to look inwards at our own heart nature, to align ourselves with the Fa, and to send forth righteous thoughts to clear out evil spirits in other dimensions. As practitioners, we must stay in line with the Fa while acting normally in human society. Just talking about these subjects will not bring benevolence. We must watch our thoughts and deeds.
  • The Path of My Ten Years of Cultivation

    Maybe this earnest attitude in studying the Fa laid a solid foundation for joining the Fa-rectification later on. During my ten years of cultivation, Fa study has been the most important thing for me. I persevered in studying the Fa and practiced the exercises every day. I have read Zhuan Falun more than 200 times and studied Teacher's lectures more than 20 times.
  • Some of My Family's Cultivation Experiences

    When we finished reading Zhuan Falun for the first time, we thought, "If only we could have obtained the Fa earlier!" So we made use of all our spare time to study the Fa. We listened to the Fa on our way to work. We read a few paragraphs of the Fa when we woke up in the middle of the night. We listened to the Fa and studied the Fa when we were not busy at work. Sometimes we studied the Fa in our dreams. We tried our best to measure our actions against the Fa.
  • Pain and Joy on My Path of Cultivation

    After we were chased out by our former employer, we rented an apartment. Two months later, police officers from the place we used to live knew the school that our children went to, followed them home, and found where we had moved to. They reported us to the local police. The local police then instructed our landlord to follow us every day because we practiced Falun Gong.
  • I Worked Through Domestic Tribulations by Looking Inward

    I finally compromised, and later I regretted my decision and realized that I had fallen down during this test. Just as Teacher said, "If you can't pass the first test, then the second one is going to be really tough." (Zhuan Falun). After that, he monitored me more closely and prohibited me from studying the Fa or contacting fellow practitioners. I was depressed for a long time. I thought that I was not qualified to be Teacher's disciple and that I had failed to live up to Teacher's compassion.
  • Reaching Maturity in Cultivation

    One time I approached one of the people following me and asked why I was being followed. The person fled without saying a word. After that, I started to tell my fellow classmates about the government surveillance. Also, the officials sometimes followed me while I was with my classmates. This really showed my classmates that the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) persecution of Falun Gong practitioners was real and tangible.