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  • Enlightening From the Fa

    I said to her, "Teacher, Falun Dafa is good. My mother became very healthy after she started practicing Falun Dafa. I hope you will believe that Dafa is good and start practicing, too." After listening to what I said, the teacher answered, "I believe that Falun Gong is good, but the school just had a meeting and it doesn't allow teachers to practice Falun Gong."
  • What Practitioners Did on New Year's Day

    On New Year's Day of the lunar calendar, 77 year-old Auntie Zhang said to all of her relatives who came to wish her a Happy New Year, "This year, let's make a change. You won't need to say those auspicious words to me. Instead, everybody just shout, 'Wonderful Falun Dafa' in front of me."
  • Some Thoughts about Eating

    Some practitioners say that they like eating spicy food, will only drink boiling hot water, or don't like eating certain types of food. These are all attachments. Although these are small attachments, the old forces like to seize every opportunity to persecute practitioners. As practitioners, we must try hard and get rid of all human attachments, even the small ones that we often neglect.
  • Cultivation Diary: One Happy Day

    When we were ready, we started practicing the exercises at the same time with practitioners around the globe. After we finished the five exercises, I felt that my mind and body were fresh and light. At 6 a.m.. we sent forth righteous thoughts with all practitioners around the globe. Twenty minutes later, I felt my world was clear and transparent; the field within my body and surrounding me all became clear.
  • Follow What Teacher Says and Walk Our Path Steadily and Well

    One time, I went with another practitioner and we managed to hang a banner at a very popular tourist attraction, even though we were surrounded by police officers. We put up self-adhesive posters and made colourful truth-clarification banners, hanging them near roads so that pedestrians could see them.
  • Thoughts About Cultivation: Diligent Cultivation

    Sending forth righteous thoughts is the fourth thing I would like to share on. Sending righteous thoughts four times a day is a must. It is crucial for practitioners to follow Master’s requirements while sending righteous thoughts—any distracting thoughts must be eliminated during that time.
  • Advance Forward in Clarifying The Truth and Saving Sentient Beings

    The effect of talking about the truth of Falun Gong is usually very good. Some senior citizens I have talked to do not know how to read. They are mostly not members of Chinese Community Party (CCP). They would thank me again and again. Some of them want to learn Falun Gong after learning about it.
  • How a Falun Gong Practitioner in the Countryside Validates the Fa

    Ren returned as I was about to go to sleep. When he saw me he said, "You cannot do this. You have to study the Fa before going to bed. He explained and said, "Regardless of how late it is and how busy I am in the daytime, I would make sure I study the Fa each evening before I sleep. It must be done this way." He sounded resolute, but his manner and facial expression was calm and pure. Listening to him, I felt ashamed of myself.
  • One True Statement Gives People Courage

    "What is there to be afraid of! I read Zhuan Falun every day. The book is all about being a good person and having good health. If everyone could do what the book teaches, society would be stable and there wouldn't be any killing or theft. You are good, I am good, everyone is good. In Hong Kong and Macau, it is freely practised. If anyone wants to read the book, I can help you get one."
  • Eliminating the Selfish Attachment of Protecting Self-Interest

    I was not using Dafa’s standard to measure myself when dealing with personal gain and self-interest. Instead, I was haggling over every ounce like ordinary people. Why did I think that if I give something to someone that he should return the favour? As a cultivator, we cannot think this way.
  • Some Experiences in Validating the Fa Through My Work

    After finding those attachments, I was determined to maintain my xinxing (heart and mind nature) and act according to the requirements of Dafa no matter how other people behaved. Things changed greatly in the two training sessions that followed. Hostility disappeared and harmony arose. I realized that the trainees' bad behaviours were actually reflections of my own attachments. When I got rid of my own attachments, those things would not play any role any more. Cultivating oneself well can change the environment.
  • Hold A Practitioner In High Esteem

    ultivators do make mistakes. Yet, for those true practitioners who are able to remove their attachments and bad habits, the progress is quicker and the improvements are greater. Therefore, we should let go of a practitioner’s mistakes or wrongdoings from the past. Also, we should not hold onto any bias or judgment about a practitioner who has made a mistake.
  • Some Thoughts on Giving Gifts to Family Members of Persecuted Practitioners During Chinese New Year

    As practitioners, we emphasize the improvement of our moral values from the very beginning of our cultivation. Walking the cultivation path righteously and well is not only saving more sentient beings, but it also leaves a righteous path for future generations.
  • Everything We Do Should Be Related to Saving Sentient Beings

    I then realized that everything that happens in our life is for us to clarify the facts and assist in saving more people. No matter what happens in a practitioners' life and work, we cannot treat it as an everyday issue unrelated to Dafa.
  • My Cultivation Story

    My husband is a policeman. When I first began practising, he said, "There are all kinds of crooks in society. Don't get duped!" I told him that the instruction was free and the book only cost 12 yuan. There was nothing to gain for any crooks. He saw that I was determined, and didn't object except to warn me to be careful.