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  • Thoughts on the Process of Producing Truth-Clarification Materials

    When my son bought a computer, I bought an all-in-one printer to go with it, and began printing materials. In less than three months, as soon as I managed to figure out how the ink cartridge worked, it died on me. It happened because I was afraid my family members would find out that I was printing materials, so I would wait for them to fall asleep each night to bring it out.
  • What I Learned from Dealing with My Roommates

    The fault lies within me when I feel bad. It indicates that it's time for me to cultivate myself and let go of my attachments. When I did all I could on my own, my schoolmates treated me badly. Teacher is so benevolent. He knew that I was not looking inward and arranged for the people around me to serve as a mirror to reflect my attachments.
  • A Realization After Complaining About My Cell Phone

    I said to my mother and the others there, "It's no use bringing my mother before me like this. In the eyes of Dafa practitioners, family and outsiders are all the same. To us there's no intimate or estranged, close or distant. We don't differentiate based on these things." Another practitioner present pitched in, "When practitioners look at the myriad matters and all things, including all sentient beings, it's all the same, it's all compassion."
  • Taking Care of a Young Practitioner Is Also Part of My Cultivation

    Once she went out to practice riding a bicycle. She came back to me and said, "Grandma, would you find me a plastic bag with truth-clarification materials? I will give them out when I see people." So when she saw a passer-by, she ran up to him and said, "Hello, please take a look at Dafa truth materials. It will bring good fortune to you."
  • Bringing the Truth Wherever I Go

    They countered, "You must hate this government since you are detained." I replied, "No, I do not." "Why is that? "I am a Falun Gong practitioner, and we believe in Truth-Compassion-Forbearance. Master told us that other people may treat us badly, but we must treat everyone well, even the people who are against us. As cultivators, we don't have enemies."
  • Persevere in Group Fa Study and Walk the Path of Cultivation Well

    How come I was right on target every time when I looked at others? I suddenly understood: These are my own attachments being reflected back to me! I was right on target because those attachments were mine!
  • My Life Completely Changed After Practicing Falun Dafa

    After becoming a practitioner, I learned that I would lose virtue and gain karma if I was not kind to people. Furthermore, once karma is produced, one must eliminate it and suffer for it. Shortly after I started my practice, the agency where I was working provided raises to the employees. There was no raise for me, yet I did not complain to my boss. He was so surprised that he asked me what was wrong.
  • Walking the Cultivation Path Arranged by Teacher

    Teacher has emphasized the importance of studying the Fa at various conferences. As a Dafa disciple, especially a Fa-rectification period Dafa disciple, I believe one should memorize the Fa and use it to rectify one's every single thought, because the Fa can strengthen an individual's righteous thoughts.
  • My "Incurable" Asthma Was Cleared Away with Amazing Speed

    The two words, "strictly" and "righteous thinking," stood out in front of my eyes. Looking back at what I did and thought, did I reach the high standard set by Master? The problem was that I didn't trust Master and the Fa deeply enough, which caused a lack of righteous thoughts. When a practitioner doesn't have righteous thoughts, the evil will take advantage of it to reach its goal and make you fall.
  • A Lesson from Japanese Folklore

    In olden times in Japan there lived a man named Jiumi. He was troubled by emotions, and in the end he went into the mountains to practice cultivation. He endured much hardship and finally found a divine being cultivating in the mountains. He accepted the divine being as his master and began his cultivation.
  • Study the Fa Well; Walk the Right Path

    an outdoor vocal contest was held at a neighbourhood plaza. Many people competed by singing CCP-themed songs. The audience clapped and sang along. I felt very sad and began to send righteous thoughts to eliminate any factors deterring their salvation. Then I went on stage and sang a Dafa song.
  • Make Sure to Look Inside for Underlying Attachments

    I also became aware that, when we are busy with the work to validate Dafa; when we feel that our attachments have been mostly removed; when we feel that we have been relatively diligent, etc., we surely should not forget to cultivate ourselves at all times and not forget to look inside..
  • Being Diligent and Cultivating Solidly to Better Validate Dafa

    A practitioner from another company was responsible for delivering [truth-clarification] materials to us. He delivered them to me first, then I forwarded them to the other practitioners. When I didn't have enough copies, I transcribed them and then delivered them to others. I did this for a few years, and everyone was diligent.
  • Police Officers Start to Leave a Way Out for Themselves

    Actually, at the present time, there are indeed some people in the police, Procuratorate, judicial departments, and the 610 Office who quietly read the Falun Dafa books and know the truth about Falun Dafa and how it has spread around the world. They do not want to act against their conscience and persecute Falun Dafa practitioners anymore.
  • Returning to my Hometown to Clarify the Facts

    My mother-in-law had been in the emergency room for days. I had thought that this would be our last meeting. However, she sat up after seeing me. I told her to recite "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good" and "Falun Dafa is good." From then on, her health gradually improved and her appetite slowly returned. One week later, she left the hospital and went back home.