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  • Cultivating Ourselves Well Is Also Saving Sentient Beings

    When I asked her how she came to withdraw, she said, "My mother-in-law is also a Falun Gong practitioner. It was she who helped me to quit the CCP." She continued, "All of my family members did the three withdrawals. The old lady would not be happy if we had not done it." I said, "She certainly will be happy now since it was the best thing for you!" "Yes, I know," she said.
  • My Nine-Year-Old Son Validates the Fa

    "My child, they beat you because they do not know the truth. We should not be angry as long as you know that Dafa is good." He wept bitterly and said, "Doesn't your heart ache to see the truth-clarification materials being torn down?" His words moved me deeply. I pulled him into my arms and we cried together.
  • Correcting My Thoughts and Actions with the Fa

    Each time I read the jealousy passage during Fa study, I wondered why Master singled out this attachment to lecture on. To be honest, I was quite content. Later on I realized that it was not that I didn't have jealousy, but my jealousy was "so strong that it has become natural and one does not even feel it." (Zhuan Falun)
  • Calmly Look Within to Cultivate Oneself Well

    When sharing with other practitioners, I often criticized others without truthfulness or compassion. In addition, I did not cultivate my speech and have spread negative words around. How can this be a genuine and diligent Dafa disciple?
  • My Understanding on "Evil Fails after Letting Go of Human Thoughts"

    It did not seem to be a problem with the CDs, so it must be my xinxing problem that was taken advantage of by negative forces. I followed this thought to look inside and found that I had many bad attachments: to anger, to showing off, and to competing. With these bad attachments, how could I do a good job validating the Fa?
  • Bringing New Year's Wishes to Villages, Assisting Over Three Thousand People to Withdraw from the CCP

    We asked them if they belonged to any CCP organizations and whether they had heard about ensuring their own safety by withdrawing from it. Most of villagers said, "Yes, I joined before. I also heard about withdrawing." Most of them were willing to withdraw. We then gave them a propitious name and helped them withdraw from the CCP.
  • Keep Practising Falun Dafa Openly and with Dignity

    The workload was extremely heavy at the forced labour camp. Sometimes we had to work till 2 a.m. and get up again at 6 a.m. It was very cold in the winter, so I did the meditation exercise at night. The head of the cell who slept next to me tried to uncross my legs and slapped me, but the other practitioners also sat up to do the meditation exercise when they saw me doing it.
  • My Aunt Starts Practicing Falun Gong Again

    One day in November 2008, my aunt suddenly called me and told me excitedly: "I have started to cultivate again! Falun Gong is good. I feel much more comfortable after I do the exercises. I don't care if they try to stop me again in the future, I will definitely persevere!" She also told me that, in order to discuss this, she specifically called on her husband and the children to have a family meeting. She told them:,"I have firmly made a decision to cultivate Falun Gong in this life!"
  • Following Teacher's Requirements

    I started immediately and read the book daily. After two months, I no longer needed to wear glasses, and I was miraculously free from all my illnesses. What's more, my menstrual period returned three times. My gray hair turned black even though I was over 60 years old. It seemed that I looked and felt ten years younger. Everything that is written in the book about Falun Gong is true.
  • My Cultivation Path

    When I think about it, why do we have to report to fellow practitioners and keep them informed? On the surface, it shows how much we care about the feelings of fellow practitioners. But on a deeper level, it shows actually how seriously we take our responsibility as sales people. We can do everything as we like, without structure or commitment to schedule, but saving sentient beings is not a "voluntary service."
  • Clarifying the Truth to a Former Schoolteacher

    She was convinced, saying, "Since quitting the CCP brings benefits to people, I will definitely do it and tell all my family about it. I will encourage my brother's, sister's and my son's and daughter's families to quit the party and its affiliated groups."
  • Cultivating Ourselves While Saving People

    Once at a wedding, a village CCP secretary and more than 30 government employees asked me about what happened on April 25, 1999, in Zhongnanhai and about the [fabricated] Tiananmen Square Self-Immolation. Two older CCP members were spreading rumors about me. I didn't mind. Instead, I used this opportunity to clarify the facts.
  • How Much We Can Achieve in Doing the Three Things Depends on Our Intention

    Cultivation is a process of continuous improvement, a process from not believing to strongly believing, from having an unclear understanding of the Fa to a clear understanding, and from an easily disturbed mind to a determined heart. When we gradually eliminate human attachments and have a pure heart, the things we do are also pure.
  • Dropping Baggage Before It’s Too Late

    It’s the difference between validating oneself and validating the Fa. If the mirror only faces inward, I can only validate myself, because that’s all I can see. But if it turns, I can validate the Fa because I can see what is in my dimension.
  • Thoughts on Cultivating My Heart and Searching Inward

    Teacher said that it is our fault if we have any conflicts with non-practitioners. Indeed, my sister-in-law is not a cultivator. She fussed with me and I fussed back. Hadn't I sunk to the same level? Cultivators are supposed to follow the Fa's requirements that are higher than the level of non-practitioners.