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  • Not Be Misled by Worldly Pursuits and Miss the Precious Chance to Reach Divinity

    It is a rare opportunity to have access to the truth. We have gone through many re-incarnations to have this opportunity. However, the human world tends to generate illusions that mislead us and cause us to forget that we are practitioners. Can we imagine what will happen to us if we miss this opportunity?
  • Delivering Truth-Clarification Materials

    I felt I was being pushed when going uphill. It didn't take long at all to ride five miles. I didn't feel hot in the summer or cold in the winter. But if I didn't have righteous thoughts, for example, if I didn't want to go or thought it was too far or I'd be too lonely, my bicycle would not move no matter how hard I peddled it. When I got off the bike to push it, I felt my legs weighed a thousand pounds.
  • Let Go of Ego and Treat Fellow Practitioners with Compassion

    During another meeting with several practitioners, three of them got into an argument. At this time I noticed that one practitioner next to me was sitting calmly, unmoved by what was happening. A saying by ordinary people came to mind, "A person with great wisdom appears innocent to others."
  • Is Impossible When We Are Based on the Fa

    When I coordinate with other practitioners in projects, I also realize that every practitioner's attachments have negative impacts on the project, which can manifest as constant arguments, contempt, jealousy, and so on. All these are manifestations of selfishness.
  • Fa-study Group is Part of the Process of Improving as a Whole

    In my view, it is important for cultivators within the same family to study the Fa together and share experiences with each other. Thus we can remind each other that we are cultivators and must deal with everything from the perspective of the Fa.
  • Economic Persecution With Righteous Thoughts

    The school administrators wouldn't let me teach culture and literature from Chinese history because they did not know I could clarify the truth of the persecution from other subjects such as art, music and calligraphy. I had never told them that the wisdom of mankind in inventing everything came from Dafa. It is Dafa that gives wisdom to practitioners who study these subjects.
  • Attached to Oneself is the Root of Jealousy

    I have now realized that being attached to oneself is the root of jealousy. We should place ourselves on the same level as others, not above them. Each being is formed by the Fa and each one has different characteristics. That is to say, each being has strengths and weaknesses.
  • Our Responsibilities to Young Practitioners

    Before he could put down his luggage, Qiqi jumped up and ran over to him, forgetting about the Fa study and asked, "What have you got me?" I said, "Qiqi, we're not done yet. How come you ran away?" My husband said to him, "Did you come to get me to join your Fa study? A good child studies the Fa a lot! Come along, let's study the Fa together."
  • Lotus Flowers Shining in My Eyes

    When encountering some urgent matters, I often had ideas on how to handle situations and thought about backup plans in case they didn‘t work out. Later, I realized that my lack of confidence was because I didn’t have a strong enough faith in Teacher and Fa rectification.
  • What I’ve Enlightened to While Cultivating—Rays of Sunlight Appear

    However, there are a very few practitioners in the small city. Consequently, there is not much face-to-face truth clarification done here, although “Falun Dafa is Good” and “Withdrawing from the CCP” can be seen everywhere in the city.This is the main reason why we moved to this city: To clarify the truth to everyday people face-to-face. Being practitioners during the period of Fa rectification, we must accomplish our mission.
  • A Reminder about the Seriousness of Cultivation

    Our fellow practitioners all have experienced hardships. Several are still being detained and the old forces (a negative aspect in the universe), in the form of illness karma, are taking away relatively young practitioners one after another outside the detention centres. Fellow practitioners, we must examine how we are cultivating ourselves, whether our cultivation goals are right, whether our motivation of doing things are correct and what are our fundamental attachments.
  • Eliminating the Attachment of Relying on Others

    When we overly rely on other practitioners, we form a bad field, a selfish field, that is actually alive. If the field is not very strong, it might manifest to us only a few attachments and human notions, which may bring us some tribulations. Under this circumstance, we should look within, and then we are able to get rid of it.
  • Falun Dafa Leads the Way to My True Self

    In June 2000, the forced labour camp transferred us into an enclosed courtyard, where they secretly and more brutally persecuted us. Before we left the squadron, we unfurled a huge banner that said "Falun Dafa," which took a few nights for us to weave with a crochet hook and yarn. Everyone nearby was shocked. All the practitioners present pressed their palms together to heshi respectfully.
  • Doing the Three Things Well and Making Up for Losses

    Encountering problems leads me to look inward and consider the Fa, which is the key to any solution. As Master instructs us and as we all know well, we should look inward for attachments when problems arise, get rid off those attachments and thus raise our xinxing (heart and mind nature/character). Things will then get better.
  • Looking Within to Improve Myself

    Sometimes, I heard someone knocking on the door while I was watching TV. I would quickly turn it off, not wanting to be seen watching TV and thus damaging my diligent image in their minds. What I did was covering up the unrighteousness and creating a lie to myself. The issues we encounter in daily life seem to be small things, but they are all big issues on the path of cultivation.