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  • Must Diligently Progress Until the End

    Practitioners, if possible, should try to be involved in exposing the local persecution cases and make truth-clarification materials that target specific cases. Everyone needs to clarify the facts of the persecution at every opportunity. The projects to rescue practitioners need to be well-coordinated and we must walk every step in Fa-rectification righteously.
  • Regarding the Pressure to Get Married

    Although many times I took the opportunity to clarify the truth to the girls, and persuaded them and their friends to quit the CCP (Chinese communist party) and its associated organizations, I didn't go for the purpose of clarifying the truth, but out of lust, curiosity, pressure, and human attachments.
  • The Story of Nana

    What had happened? Someone told Nana that these people were Falun Gong practitioners. Just because they were determined to follow their own beliefs, they were persecuted by the Chinese Communist Party and so lost their freedom. Nana felt that this world was really unbelievable. How could this kind of thing happen?
  • Attention to Safety and Security

    Though Teacher has made it very clear, still there are practitioners who do not pay attention to safety and security issues. For example, when a practitioner was told to pay attention to the security of his cell phone, he said, "Don't worry. With strong righteous thoughts, nothing will happen."
  • Improvement in Self-Cultivation Is Critical for Coordination Work

    Master has told us that there are no role models in cultivation. In the process of exposing the evil and clarifying the truth, other than the things that we need to do together, everyone should walk their own path. Instead of learning from the Fa, some practitioners only look at others. They don't know how to take the Fa as the teacher and use the Fa to evaluate things.
  • A Happy Family Living at the Top of Rueili Mountain, in Taiwan

    She said, "The villagers are always busy in the evening, so we started to play the tapes of Teacher's lectures at 5:00 a.m. There were approximately twenty or thirty people attending the seminars including a mother and daughter-in-law, with a child along. At that time, I only knew that Falun Gong was very good; I didn't realized that it was cultivation practice."
  • Genuinely Cultivating in Dafa

    When something bad happened, how did I think about it? Did it come from an ordinary person's thinking? By going through this thought process, I found that I was not complaining about others anymore. On the contrary, I felt as if I really appreciated the other party and thought about what they were going through.
  • A Brief Discussion of the Term, "Obtaining the Fa"

    One needs to genuinely cultivate the Fa, take the Fa as the greatest and most important in one's life, and assimilate oneself into the Fa, and only in this way can one succeed in cultivation. So what we often refer to when we talk about "obtaining the Fa" is perhaps, in a strict sense, just "entering the door."
  • Experiences with Morning Exercise

    Silence reigns at 4:00 am. Everything is calm and quiet, and my family members are not disturbed. If I do the first four sets first and then do the meditation, my mind usually calms down quickly. After I work my legs into the double lotus position, I can feel my entire body surrounded by a great energy field.
  • Leads to a Pure Heart

    When Mr. He went to Hong Kong to visit family, he received a copy of Zhuan Falun from his brother. Mr. He said, "After reading the book once, I knew that this is what I want." He said Zhuan Falun answered many of his questions about life. After returning to Canada, he continued to read the book and learned the exercises by following along with a videotape.
  • Complaining Harms Others and Oneself

    We complain because we are too narrow-minded, have an impure mind, and fail to view an issue from others' perspectives. Being tolerant and purging our ego is a matter of reaching the required realm. Getting to that place is what we need to cultivate.
  • Myself Well, Saving More Sentient Beings

    Through that trip during the Mid-autumn Festival, I also found many attachments within me: being jealous of those who are better than me, a competitive mentality, fame and self-interest, vanity concerning my own reputation, selfishly hoping to get returns after being good to others, etc
  • Hope That All the World's People Can be Saved

    I spent over an hour explaining the facts to them about the wonderfulness of Falun Gong, and I exposed the vicious lies on TV. Zhang listened intently, and asked to borrow my copy of Zhuan Falun. The next time I met him, he said, "As soon as I finished reading Zhuan Falun, I felt my whole heart lighten up. My wife warned me about safety, but I told her I would insist on practicing. I have made up my mind not to listen to her on this matter!"
  • Looking Inward

    As I did not argue with him even though he had wronged me, it seemed as though I had tolerated him. After I calmed down and thought about it carefully, I realized this incident did not happen without a reason. We learn from the Fa that if a practitioner runs into conflict, it is definitely that the practitioner has an attachment to let go.
  • A Change of Character after Practicing Falun Gong

    Mr. Xu said that after practicing Falun Gong, he changed his bad habits and character so much that his colleagues and his boss were willing to talk to him and have dinner with him. His family atmosphere is getting more harmonious as well. He now understands that he should use compassion to teach his children.