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  • Distinguishing the White House South Lawn Incident from Its After-Effects

    Some said that this was the greatest, most glorious act they had ever witnessed, especially since the Western media had to break its long silence to report on Falun Gong, which they said proved that this act was on the right track. This conforms to the principles in the ordinary world, hence, it is okay to look at it this way. While cultivators are fundamentally different from non-practitioners, we must look at other people and things with principles of cultivation.
  • Realising the Seriousness of My Attachments

    We have faced the issues of how to remove our attachments of fear and enhance our righteous thoughts, and we have clarified the facts to people who did not know about Falun Dafa. When facing everyday people's misunderstandings and accusations, although we didn't argue, our attachments of fighting, hatred, complaining, self-defence, and so on slowly and unconsciously developed. Since 2004, my attachment to not allowing people to reproach or criticise me has obviously emerged.
  • The Chinese Communist Party Is the True Anti-China Force

    Exposing the crimes of the Chinese Communist Party does not equate to being "anti-Chinese." The CCP, through its many movements, has combined the two very different concepts of the CCP and China into one. When Chinese people think of China, they automatically think of the Chinese Communist Party, and vice versa. This is a trick the CCP is playing in order to manipulate this love Chinese people have for their people and culture. When the CCP wants to attack someone, they often use the label "anti-Chinese" to incite hatred in the people, as Chinese people have a deep love for their people and culture.
  • Stories of People in China Awakening to the Truth about Falun Gong

    A practitioner delivered some materials detailing the facts about Falun Gong and the persecution to his former superior. His superior said, "You don't need to give these to me, I can read such materials every day." "Where did you get your hands on these?" asked the practitioner. His superior replied: "A group of us go to a place to exercise every morning. There is always a plastic bag hanging there. We routinely take out the material, read it, put it back in, and then criticise the Communist Party. The next day when we go there, we'll find new material. It has been like that for two years."
  • Falun Dafa Once Again Saves Me from the Brink of Death

    After cultivating for less than six months, all my illnesses disappeared. My complexion became rosy, and I became healthy, even the speed of my walking increased. Although my family was joyous, the head of the Chinese Communist Party at that time, Jiang Zemin, and his regime started persecuting Falun Gong. They declared that anyone who continued to practise Falun Gong would be discharged from public office, expelled from school, and imprisoned in a forced labour camp. Practitioners were beaten severely. Under these conditions, some of us were scared and stopped practising.
  • The Chinese Communist Party Turned the "April 25 Appeal" into the Beginning of Its Own Destruction

    Because of several decades of ruthless CCP rule, many people have come to think without a doubt, "I'll simply do whatever the CCP tells me to do and steer clear of whatever it forbids me to do; otherwise I'll get in trouble, and I'll be blamed for whatever happens to me." The CCP is well aware of the Chinese people's warped mentality; therefore it dared to openly use "group attacking Zhongnanhai" as justification to start the persecution. Through this incident, the CCP is clearly telling people, "You cannot come to Zhongnanhai. If you stand here, you are 'surrounding and attacking,' and a large-scale civil appeal is a violation of the law!"
  • The Historical Meanings of the April 25 Peaceful Appeal and Global Tide of Quitting the CCP

    On April 25th 1999, based on the rights bestowed by the Chinese Constitution, about ten thousand Falun Dafa practitioners gathered near the Zhongnanhai Compound to peacefully appeal, requesting that government officials release Falun Dafa practitioners arrested in Tianjin City, and requesting a non-threatening cultivation environment and the legal right to publish Falun Dafa books. Premier Zhu Rongji and other high ranking officials met with representatives of Falun Dafa practitioners while practitioners on the pavement maintained an excellent order. They left the site quietly at 11:30 p.m. when their requests were addressed, leaving a clean pavement.
  • Falun Gong Practitioners Considered to be "Raw Materials"

    All media praised the new policy. I believed that this was the state throughout the country until one day, an old man who is a distant relative told me: "The Communist Party is the worst." He was a member of the "poor and lower-middle peasants" group. From his social affiliation, he was expected to praise the Chinese Communist Party. I was totally shocked to hear his comments. His words made a deep impression on me.
  • The Crimes in the Concentration Camps Pose Serious Question for All Chinese People

    For any nation, a concentration camp detaining foreigners is considered a shame for that nation. Now, a massacre against her own people has happened in China. What a shame it is? Those leaders who initiated and/or condoned such crimes, how can they face the nation and explain their actions to the people?
  • Chinese Communist Party Denies Crime Allegations While Killing in Secret

    After a few weeks of silence, officials from the Sujiatun District government, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, and the Sujiatun Thrombosis Centre Hospital denied the existence of the Sujiatun concentration camp. Witnesses revealed that organ harvesting from live Falun Gong practitioners for profit was conducted there, and that the remains were cremated to destroy evidence.
  • An Open Letter to Potential Organ Transplant Patients and Their Families

    A doctor at an undisclosed hospital in Shandong Province said, "In April we will have a lot more kidney donors. In fact, we are starting to get more now." A doctor in an undisclosed hospital in Shenyang City said, "At present we have an abundant supply of kidneys." Apparently, forced labour camps, prisons and death camps imprisoning Falun Gong practitioners have become "human organ farms"!
  • Three Heart Transplants Performed by Two Changchun Hospitals With Donors Unknown

    The media report did not explain the origin of the living organ donor. Yet, the patient was examined, and the hospital found a suitable heart donor and completed the operation on the next day. Such facts makes one wonder where Jilin University No. 2 Hospital found a living donor so quickly?
  • Recovering from Chronic Diseases through Cultivating in Falun Dafa

    Before starting her cultivation, Xiuhua suffered from lupus erythematosus, nephropathy, and hepatitis C. She also had a continuous fever and lost weight because of her autoimmune system disorder and went into the hospital three times in one month. She also was affected by nephropathy and hepatitis C, and needed long periods of care and treatment. She endured suffering beyond words.
  • The True Focal Point is Not What Happened at the White House

    The protester, Wenyi Wang, is a Falun Gong practitioner. She is also a medical doctor, trained in both China and the US. I think that as a doctor, Wang Wenyi clearly knows the practical implication of claims of "ample organ supply" coming from China. Web sites of major hospitals such as Shenyang Multi-Organ Transplant Centre guaranteed finding organs for transplant within one week to one month. Wang Wenyi, who as a medical student vowed to do her best to save lives, must feel pained that her counterparts under the CCP are murdering their fellow Chinese to make money.
  • The World Should Unanimously Support the Call for Justice

    Recently, after a speech by President Bush at the White House and before Chinese leader Hu Jintao spoke, a Chinese reporter shouted out in English and Chinese, "Falun Dafa is great," "Stop persecuting Falun Gong." Although her actions were arguably unfitting for the occasion, her call for justice was quite appropriate. For the last seven years, the international community has heard the call, and they are no strangers to it. What is surprising is that even after a large number of international governments and groups expressed their respect and understanding for the kind-natured group of Falun Gong, and learned the brutal nature of the CCP's persecution, the persecution has been able to continue, and even escalate to new intensity!