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  • Offering Sentient Beings Salvation is the Best Way to End the Persecution

    I realized that when to complete the Fa-rectification is under Master's control. I believe that Master is waiting for these pre-destined beings to be saved. Although we Dafa disciples are working hard to clarify the truth and offer sentient beings salvation, our effort falls far short of Master's requirements.
  • New Practitioner Shares Experiences in Truth-clarification on the Internet

    My personal experience has shown me that when I do all three things well, truth-clarification work goes very smoothly. If I don't have strong enough righteous thoughts, set my priorities straight, or fail to look within and remove my attachments, the evil takes advantage of my loopholes and affects my saving sentient beings. I currently hope that practitioners don't stop their efforts when encountering difficulties.
  • My Stubborn Brother Now Understands

    The director also said something to slander Falun Dafa. At this time, a Dafa practitioner in this factory immediately stood up and said, "You should not slander Falun Dafa and my Master!" Immediately following him a non-practitioner employee also stood up without hesitation and said loudly, "Falun Dafa is good!" At this critical moment, this person chose to stand on the side of justice. The director was shocked and quickly changed the subject.
  • Letting Go of Attachments that Govern the Relationship Between Husband and Wife

    I also realized that with the exception of studying the Fa together and doing the exercises, I was not treating my husband as a fellow practitioner. Cultivation penetrates everything in our daily lives. The predestined relationship between husband and wife is only formed from karmic retribution lifetime after lifetime.
  • Edinburgh Parade Weekend Sharing

    I was a martial at the side of the parade and saw that when the people saw the banners and drummers at the front of the parade many faces in the busy Princess Street where smiling and gazing then as the banners and girls with plaques passed the smiles dropped to deep sorrow. On seeing this I was moved to tears myself. I quickly moved towards the front of the parade again as where the smiling faces were to help dispel my tears.
  • Bibles and Olympics - Reading Between the Lines to Understand What's Really Going on in China

    Freedom of belief is a universally accepted right. While the world focused on the Beijing Olympics and the outstanding athletic feats performed there, the Communist Party unscrupulously violated human rights in a faraway city, showing again that its pre-Olympic promises to uphold freedom of belief were nothing but bold-face lies.
  • Sharing from the Fa about the Olympic Games

    For our entire group as one-body, we have been watched to see if our hearts have been moved or if we still do the three things well. If we do not use our human mentalities, but instead use righteous thoughts all the time--use our righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil forces and the persecution with no fear--the wicked forces will be depleted and will hurt nobody.
  • Looking Inward During Truth Clarification Projects

    In other words, it is not up to me to use Zhen Shan Ren to discern if they are good or bad people. I should just unconditionally want to save them, no matter how they treat me, and then Zhen Shan Ren will discern their position.
  • Righteous Thoughts Originate from Believing in Teacher and the Fa

    In other dimensions, there is surely a battle between righteousness and evil. Dafa practitioners are one body, and I wanted to write to Eutelsat and Western politicians, calling their attention to the matter, so that Eutelsat would quickly resume broadcasting the NTDTV signal into China.
  • Fully Utilizing Court Proceedings to Save Sentient Beings

    From the time that no lawyer wanted to defend Falun Gong, to the time that eight lawyers gathered to boldly and vigorously stand up to defend Falun Gong, this unbelievable progress clearly demonstrates that clarifying the truth to lawyers and the process of Fa-rectification are taking effect at an amazing rate.
  • Clarifying the Truth at the Chikan Tower Tourist Site in Tainan, Taiwan

    Master told us to clarify the truth to people. If they listen to the truth and accept it, they can be saved. If everyone who listens can accept the truth, they will all be saved. How noble this is. Therefore, during the two hours that I am there, I try my best to tell people the facts and distribute Falun Gong materials to them.
  • Letting Go Of My Attachment to "Things"

    Then I realized that I had used this computer to produce truth clarification materials for many years and the computer had become my instrument to validate the Fa. How could I think of selling it? I was reluctant to do it. I told a fellow practitioner about this, and he said, "You have a sentimental attachment to things."
  • The Chinese Communist Party Continues to Hide Its Crimes During the Olympics

    Although the CCP was forced to unblock a few foreign-based websites under international pressure, many websites run by overseas Chinese remain blocked, particularly Falun Gong-related websites. This is another manifestation of the CCP's fear of the truth about the persecution being exposed and its hostility towards Chinese citizens.
  • Eliminating the Attachment to Sleep and Becoming More Diligent

    ...when I read a fellow practitioner's article on the Minghui website (Chinese version of Clearwisdom), in which she mentioned that she only sleeps for two hours every day and she still feels that there isn't enough time. I was suddenly awakened. I absolutely believe the fellow practitioner's state. But how could she do it and I could not?
  • Clarifying the Truth about the Persecution of Falun Gong Through the "Truth-Compassion-Tolerance" Art Exhibit

    Among the visitors, a 40-to-50-year-old woman impressed me deeply. While looking at the paintings, she was moved to tears. She took off her glasses and wiped her tears away. In the end, she could not control her tears any more, so she hurriedly walked out of the exhibition hall and sat down on a long bench. I walked over to her and sat beside her.