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  • "I Wouldn't Do It Even if You Gave Me 1000 Yuan"

    The neighbor replied, "He is a good person. I have never seen see him do anything wrong." The policeman said, "If you see him go out to clarify the truth, call the police, and you will be rewarded 1000 yuan." The neighbor replied, "He is a good person. He has done nothing wrong. I wouldn't do it even if you did give me 1000 yuan."
  • Cultivating Compassion in Dafa

    Dafa is harmonizing. We should harmonize our families, the cultivation environment we are in contact with everyday. Through Fa-study, I realized that I should be even more compassionate to my family members because they are closest to me. Why did we all end up in this big family? It was because of our prehistoric vows that we would re-connect with one another when Dafa was introduced to the world.
  • Enlightening to the Importance of Every Single Thought

    Actually, the point was that I failed to look within at all times. When unrighteous thoughts surfaced, I didn't measure it against Dafa, and, as a result, it caused interference in my cultivation. Even though I have now come to this understanding through cultivation, I still must not be relaxed with my thoughts, because bad thoughts may easily slip into my mind.
  • Experiencing Dafa's Miracles

    After that day, my wife and I read "Zhuan Falun" and listened to Teacher's 9-day audio lectures. We also conducted ourselves according to the standard of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. On one occasion, my wife fell asleep while she was reading Zhuan Falun. The next day, she told me that Teacher had taught her the lectures all night, and that the lectures were the same as Teacher's 9-day lectures. Teacher also told her how to cultivate her xinxing (character) and how to be a good person.
  • "Master, I Finally Found You"

    On January 29, 1998, I borrowed a set of Dafa books from a friend. I first read Explaining the Content of Falun Dafa, and I couldn't hold back my tears. I was surprised and happy. I called from my heart, "Master, I finally found you." It was like a child seeing his parents for for the first time after many years. With happiness and tears, I read the book without feeling tired until two or three o'clock in the morning.
  • A Comfortable Cultivation Environment is Created by Righteous Minds

    Once, a neighbour wanted to use our apartment while my family was away on a trip. I said, "I have no requests except that you need to burn incense to my Teacher every day." She agreed, and when I returned she told me, "Not only did I burn incense every day, but I also bought the best fruits to respect him." I was moved to tears. I was in tears because I was moved to see the lives wakening under the evil clouds. I was also in tears because I felt sorry for those who were still lost because of the CCP.
  • Compassionately Saving People, Righteously Walking My Own Path

    I have often been thinking, "What are righteous thoughts? Righteous thoughts are not necessarily the ones with which to solve a big event taking place. Righteous thoughts are in your heart, protecting Dafa and sentient beings without any hindrance. Among everyday people and in your family, your every thought, every word, every move as well as your attitude and your expression are all so upright, compassionate, and peaceful, reflecting Dafa disciple's nobleness and elegance.
  • Validating the Fa at Work

    I was asked to look after purchasing materials for the cafeteria, in which over twenty people eat. People often say that people in this position are easily corruptible, but I follow the standards of Dafa at my place of work. No matter when a transaction happens, I make sure I record it promptly, and I have people who work in the cafeteria review it. I have been strict with myself and don't allow myself to become corruptible. Therefore, I don't want anything that doesn't belong to me.
  • Practitioners Working on Truth-Clarifying Materials Should Put Their Whole Hearts into It

    The whole process of creating and editing the material is a cultivation process, and the results are a reflection of those who worked on it. It illustrates our compassion and painstaking efforts to help sentient beings. When you look at some of the materials, you can feel the purity, compassion and responsibility. I think that non-practitioners can also see it when they read these materials, even if they may not realize at the time what they are holding in their hands.
  • Using a School Broadcasting System for Truth Clarification

    When I was in fourth grade, I was selected as a broadcaster for the school radio news program. Naturally, I was very excited, but when I went home, my mother "poured a bucket of cold water on me" and said, "How could you be helping the evil broadcast the news?" She told me to turn the offer down, but then she changed her mind and said, "There is nothing coincidental when it comes to cultivation. You should make good use of this great opportunity to broadcast Dafa's information; it will be a good way to save more sentient beings and reverse it to be a good deed!"
  • After My Sister Died as a Result of the Persecution - My ten-year cultivation journey

    At the end of 2000, My sister and I went to Beijing to validate the Fa and were arrested. When police asked me for my name and address, I didn't tell them. They made me sit on the cold cement floor to freeze. It was very cold in Beijing. When I still didn't say anything, the police became desperate. They shocked me on my hands, face and head with electronic batons. At the time I had no hatred toward them but tried to persuade them not to behave like this
  • Discussion of Selfishness

    When I wrote experience sharing articles in the past, I used to sign with our local district name. When my articles were published, it intensified my attachment. I would search for my articles with our local district name and tried to find how many of my articles have been published, unknowingly developing the attachment of elation
  • Teacher Is Right Beside Me

    I followed what Teacher said and tried to harmonize with what Teacher wanted. I took the Fa as Teacher. One person who had seriously harmed my family ran into me a few times after quitting the CCP activities began. This was not accidental. We were all Teacher's family members. It must be Teacher wanting to save her. So I approached her. I clarified the truth to her and helped her quit the Party. I then gave her an amulet(1) as a gift.
  • "After Passing the Shady Willow Trees, There Will Be Bright Flowers and Another Village Ahead!"

    Dafa gave him a chance to be reborn, and he really lived a new life. He was changed from inside out. He became honest, kind and tolerant. Furthermore, what surprised me even more were his studies. Before he was at an upper-middle level in his class. After my brother started to practice cultivation, his grades kept improving every month.
  • Letting Go of Attachments and Working Well with the Local Falun Dafa Association

    During conflicts, I also came to understand that I should not pay too much attention to the misunderstanding of fellow practitioners. We should be tolerant towards fellow practitioners. The purpose of our cultivation is not for validating ourselves, arguing with others, nor for racking up "achievements." Rather, it is to let go of as many attachments as possible.