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  • The Wonders I Experienced from Practicing Falun Dafa

    The following night I spat out blood again like before. Then I spat out blood with several dark blood strips tangled together. I used a toothpick to find out what it was. To my surprise they were parasites with heads and tails. I spit out parasites five times in one week. Since then my liver pain has disappeared.
  • Reading Zhuan Falun Straight Through

    Through Fa Study I realized that one of the purposes of our Fa study is to eliminate all the bad influences we are exposed to in everyday society. But would these negative influences easily allow us to eliminate them and fill our minds with the Fa? Definitely not!
  • Searching Inward and Cultivating Diligently

    I still have an attachment to competition. I always think what I say is right. I hold on tightly to my own opinions. How strong my human attachments are! My biggest attachment is laziness, and the demon of fear is big. I know there is a big gap between other practitioners and me. However I do not give way. I will continue to study the Fa, truly cultivate, get rid of demonic characters and my attachment to fear.
  • Thoughts Triggered By My Mother's Recovery

    I always thought that my mother suffered because she was not diligent in studying the Fa and clarifying the truth. My thinking unknowingly acknowledged the persecution by the old forces. Elderly practitioners are particles of Dafa. They need us to spend time with them to study the Fa and share experiences. Our attachment of being afraid of their slow reading or being bothered is exactly what we need to get rid of.
  • Following Teacher on the Path of Fa-Rectification

    I asked myself: "Will I stop cultivating just because this practitioner did not think I could run a materials production site?" In time, the Internet centre, printing centre, and CD burning centre were set up under Master's merciful protection and with the combined efforts of all the practitioners.
  • My Cultivation Experience Over the Last Year

    I prepared envelopes with the truth-clarification materials sealed inside and pasted a piece of double-sticky tape onto each envelope. I rode a bicycle to paste the envelopes onto the trees by the busy roads. Many times after I pasted the envelopes along the road, when I came back, I found that those envelopes had already been taken away by people. At that time, I was moved to tears; people are really longing to learn the facts and be saved.
  • The Importance of Remembering "I Am a Cultivator"

    When I developed zealotry and a show-off mentality, I thought, "I am a cultivator. I don't want you. Everything was given by Teacher. What do you have to show off?" Then I became more rational. Zealotry and a show-off mentality make us excited and irrational and makes us want to validate ourselves. Whenever I have conflicts with others, I remind myself, "I am a cultivator. I must tolerate other people including fellow practitioners.
  • Treat All Problems with God-like Thoughts

    The concept, "it's a lymph cancer" repeatedly pestered me and didn't want to give up. My thoughts started to waiver, "How can I pass this sickness tribulation? How should I firm up my righteous thoughts? How can I let go of the attachment to life and death and allow Master to arrange for the problem to be solved?"
  • Understanding the True Meaning of Searching Inward

    On my way home, I was sending forth righteous thoughts and searching inward. I found my selfishness. Recently, I always wanted to spend more time studying the Fa and paid less attention to helping out at the materials site. My "selfishness" surfaced. Deep in my mind, I always put "me" in front of everything.
  • What I Learned from Reading "Cultivating My Xinxing at Work"

    During the interview, she asked what I thought about "working late." I was afraid I might fail the interview, so I said, "The most important thing is to finish the work, so I don't have any problems with working late." After the interview, I spent almost the whole night and most of the next day finishing translating a document to meet her deadline. This adversely affected my Fa-study and practicing the exercises.
  • My Understanding on the Importance of Fa Study

    I believe I have enlightened to a deeper understanding on the purpose of Fa study, and have come to understand that it doesn't matter what level of understanding one has of the Fa, or whether one has studied the Fa for a long time or short time. It also doesn't matter if you are illiterate. What truly matters is whether your heart can genuinely study the Fa and solidly comply with the requirements of the Fa, to cultivate yourself.
  • Understandings After Losing My Keys

    Without a key, there is no way to open the lock. Many of my attachments are playing the role of different locks, constraining me from improving. This time, I lost a key ring that had many keys. This reminded me that I still have many attachments that I haven't let go of: jealousy, struggling, lust, fame, and material interest.
  • Falun Dafa Reveals Its Divine Power to My Husband

    On the day of the appeal, my husband stated just before departing that everything he had ever said and done against Dafa was now invalid and sincerely promised to never interfere with me practicing ever again. He also withdrew from the CCP and its youth organizations, a step towards a glorious future.
  • Do Not Go Astray

    Following Master along the way, I have sometimes been diligent and other times not so diligent. In spite of the unsteady path that I have walked, Master is compassionate to each and every disciple. I realized that as long as a disciple's mind is on the Fa and on saving sentient beings, every single detail on the path of cultivation is under the benevolent protection of Master.
  • Clarifying the Truth to a 610 Office Head

    Your office has persecuted so many people, yet no one has sought revenge. We have clarified the facts to you, yet why are you still doing such bad deeds? You see, the former 610 Office head has already quit the CCP! You are in a position to know what the CCP really is, and it's just a matter of time when everyone understands that Falun Gong is good, and has been wrongfully persecuted.