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  • Phone Calls from Overseas Dafa Practitioners Shock the Police and Prompt a Fellow Practitioner's Release from Detention

    From this, we can see the great impact that truth clarification from overseas practitioners has on rescuing practitioners in China, as well as the significant shock it brings to those evil police officers who persecute Falun Dafa practitioners. The prison guards told Li Mei's mother when Li Mei was being released: "Some phone calls were from the U.S. and some were from Canada." They felt frightened because they knew the world could see them committing their evil acts.
  • Righteously Standing up Against the Persecution

    If you do not practise the Falun Gong exercises and hand out materials, we will give you 400 Yuan in wages, and a two bedroom unit with a separate kitchen." Zhang said: "I am not scared, and I don't want it! I just want Falun Dafa! I will still practise the exercises and hand out materials! I want to be a Falun Dafa practitioner in a righteous and open way!" The evil persecutors were therefore forced to release him.
  • "April 25th Appeal:" A Song of Justice that Displayed Morality and Conscience

    Especially during the past 50 years, under the deceit and brainwashing of the Chinese Communist Party, Chinese people have accumulated too much servilism. Under such circumstance, it is no wonder that we feel we have found something new, fresh and extraordinary when we examine the "April 25th Appeal" by over ten thousand Falun Gong practitioners four years ago. From this peaceful appeal, we witnessed a display of respect for our own rights and our own values, and a farewell to servilism.
  • Righteous Thoughts And Patience Overcome Interference

    With the improvement of my xinxing [heart-nature / moral quality] during my cultivation, my husband has changed from opposing Dafa to supporting my Dafa cultivation. Recently, however, departing from his normal behaviour, my husband unreasonably scolded me for doing Dafa work and studying Dafa books. By looking inward, I found that I had ignored doing housework, and become less concerned with my husband. After I corrected my behaviour, the atmosphere at home eased a bit, but I was still restrained.
  • Base Our Thoughts and Actions on Fa Principles Instead of Emotions

    A person will even take their friends or relatives as his enemies just over a minor disagreement or difference in point of view. This is the limitation of human emotions, for emotions are selfish. Love and hatred have the same root; love is the happiness which comes about when one's emotions are satisfied, while hatred is the anger when one's emotions are not satisfied. So both love and hatred do not have the purpose of others wellbeing. They are for satisfying one's emotions, so both are selfish.
  • Living Our Dignity and Nobility -- Written on the Fourth Anniversary of the April 25th Appeal at Zhongnanhai

    "I hope all of us can step forward to safeguard our own basic rights and dignity, and live with dignity and nobility. History has proven that violence cannot destroy faith, and totalitarian power can never suppress the Truth. Any dictator exists for only a fleeting moment. In the future, when we look back at history, we will see the April 25 Great Appeal radiating a forever-indelible brilliance."
  • Why I Went to Appeal in Geneva

    Since I began practicing I noticed my grades improve and attitude become more open and calm. Concentrating and completing my studies became a breeze. My relationships with peers and family members also improved. Falun Gong helped me become a good citizen. After I saw these benefits I could not imagine stopping the practice, simply because a few leaders in the Chinese government felt insecure about Falun Gong’s growing popularity and later on decided to ban it. Rather, I wanted to keep practicing, experience more benefits and give more people the opportunity to try it.
  • Thoughts On the Fourth Anniversary of April 25: I Hope the World's People Will See Through the Jiang Regime's Lies

    Jiang's regime repeatedly emphasised that the Falun Gong practitioners' appeal had "political motives." After the Chinese ruling Party came to power, it started numerous political persecutions in the name of "political struggle" or "class struggle." The victims were usually called "enemy of the people with political motives," but those who truly had political motives were the dictators themselves. Facts during the past four years have proven that Falun Gong has no designs on political power, the political party or on the political system.
  • A Family of Practitioners

    Once the mother was arrested by the police when distributing truth-clarifying materials. The daughter went to jail to visit her and told her, "Mom, you need to have righteous thoughts. Do not cooperate with the evil persecutors. The way to get out of jail is to go on a hunger strike in protest." Watching her daughter's innocent face, the practitioners nearby couldn't hold back their tears. How can an adult not do well when a child has such righteous thoughts?
  • How I Learned Falun Gong in Prison

    I was only 17 years old and had heard that people would be beaten up when they entered the jail. When I walked in the cell trembling with fear, I encountered a very peaceful atmosphere. It was very cold that day. I only had on a thin shirt and was shivering with cold. One lady let me wear some of her clothes and another one gave me a pan of warm water to wash. They were so nice to me. I later learned that they were Falun Dafa practitioners.
  • After Numerous Methods of Torture, Labour Camp Police Give Up and Say "You Are Free"

    One night the camp police took me to a graveyard next to a ditch. They handcuffed me to a tree in the graveyard and forced me into a kneeling position. Two of them hit and kicked me, and then battered me with a wooden club. Then I was taken to a riverbank, where the police forced my head into the water, threatening to drown me if I did not agree to forsake Falun Dafa. I firmly reminded myself that a practitioner should be full of righteous thoughts. They failed to shake my determination again.
  • From the True Situation of the Epidemic to Fabricated Lies

    We can see the "tradition" of the Chinese government hiding the truth and lying to its people from many historical examples. During the three years of natural disasters in the 1960's, there were more than 20 million people who died from famine based on a study by foreign experts. However, in China, all the news and media claimed that the government and the Party's policies were always right. Several billion people dared not say one word about the lies under the high pressure...
  • The Story of a Young Practitioner Validating the Fa with her Musical Performances

    One time after she played Chopin’s Nocturne No.8, the piano professors and musicians from the Music College of the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatoire said, “The musical space that this child’s soul touches is profound. This is real music.” Liana’s teachers and classmates know that she practises Falun Dafa. Lianna tells them that Dafa bestows her with her unique musical gift and creativity; the elevation of mind (xinxing) and spirit through cultivating Dafa is the only origin of her success.
  • Some Thoughts After Reading “Words From Practitioners Being Persecuted: One Must be Diligent in Studying the Fa”

    I heard the phrase “Falun Wo Gong” (study the Fa whilst lying down) from the audio recording of Master Li’s Fa Lecture in Jinan. These words were from a sentence criticising someone who arbitrarily tampered with the Falun Gong exercises. Yet what I heard was another connotation criticising my posture whilst studying the Fa. At that moment, I drew a deep breath and thought: “Ouch, Master, aren’t you referring to me?”
  • Retaliation and Coercion Cannot Shake My Determination to Expose the Evil Persecution

    The vengefulness towards my family members shows that Jiang fears that his crimes will be revealed and the facts of the persecution will be exposed. Retaliation only strengthens my determination to expose the genocide committed by Jiang Zemin's regime, to bear witness to their criminal conduct, and to use legal means to bring the criminals to justice. The retaliation only adds new evidence to the lawsuit.