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  • Exchanging Insights on Cultivating Speech, Partiality to Food, and Attachment to Pets

    ...One day her schoolteacher started to pick on her and criticize her repeatedly. Many of her peers also started to criticize her and speak ill of her. When she closed her eyes and pressed her hands on her ears in the classroom, she saw cloud after cloud of white substance, which looked like cotton balls, falling on her head. She immediately thought, "They are giving me good stuff! I will not push it away by losing my temper." That evening she saw a giant Falun rotating in front of her for over ten minutes. She knew it was Teacher trying to encourage her.
  • What I Saw in Beijing on July 20, 1999

    The practitioners remained incredibly calm, even when standing face-to-face with police brandishing automatic machine guns. We maintained impeccable order such as is rarely seen--even in military troops. When we remained quiet, time stood still, and when one practitioner stood up and recited Lunyu, thousands of voices immediately joined in, and it was as if the heavens were listening to us
  • Comprehend the Secret of Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts

    I feel my entire body is filled and enveloped with energy in a very comfortable way when I send righteous thoughts. There are times I feel uplifted afterwards; I feel my body is larger than the Earth, that I am getting rid of evil, participating in getting rid of the evil in New York and feel that heaven and earth have been rectified. Every time I finish, I feel great. Hence, I rarely miss sending righteous thoughts in the evenings and I pay more and more attention to it.
  • Truly Believe in Master and the Fa on Your Cultivation Path

    Cultivation is not child's play. It is a matter more serious than anything else. It is not just for talking about but must be put it into action. You might sound rational when talking about the Fa, but without putting it into action in, you cannot call it cultivation. A true practitioner can let go of the attachments to fame, profit and qing; otherwise, you still are an ordinary person.
  • There is a Realm Called Selflessness

    The young policemen didn't say anything, but from their eyes it could be seen that they seemed to agree with what Aunt said. The atmosphere in the room immediately became relaxed. Some even half-joked, "Aunt, you are really powerful. You could even tell us the truth here!" From the words of the young policeman, it is obvious that he showed respect for Aunt because she could clarify the truth in adversity.
  • Looking Inward to Find Attachments Is Actually Not Difficult

    Actually, looking inward to find one's own shortcomings is not very difficult. As long as you have determination, Teacher will remind you every time. The key is whether you are willing to give up human notions and whether you are willing to truly cultivate yourself. Teacher has silently shouldered so much for us. How can I repay Teacher? How can I lessen Teacher's worries about me? What result does Teacher hope to see?
  • Recognising My Resentment

    Looking back, I was upset because my idea was not implemented and I was too attached to my own understanding and the approval and acceptance of others. My resentment came from my attachment to self, and self-validation. Why did I put so much emphasis on my own understanding and ways of doing things? The way to improve is to let go.
  • Are Our Thoughts and Actions Indeed on the Fa?

    When I knew the evildoers were coming, I told myself, "OK, let them come! I will not hide or escape, I am not afraid of you." I thought my righteous thoughts were strong, but my thoughts were not based on the Fa. The Fa does not require us to resist the persecution the old forces arranged but instead urges us to negate it in the first place.
  • Comments on Illness

    One chapter from the book 'Journey to the West' talks about the illness karma that Tang Seng endured. When Tang Seng was coping with the illness karma, Ba Jie shouted out that he wanted to break away and leave the group. Wu Kong was the one who explained the real cause of the illness, which lay in Tang Seng's past.
  • Our Righteous Thoughts Can Conquer the Old Forces' Attempts

    A practitioner owned two stores in a shopping mall, and many practitioners worked for him at the stores. Their products also provided a lot of convenience to other practitioners. However, the city government was demolishing buildings in many areas, and there were rumours nearly every day that this mall would be demolished. There was a lot of panic over this, and many stores moved out.
  • Cultivation Stories of Six-year-old Doudou

    Of course, sometimes Doudou wants to play all the time, and sometimes she is lazy. But I found that when this was the case, it was always when the adults were not very diligent. When we do well, she can easily accept our reasoning with her. I feel that the process of leading little disciples helps me eliminate selfishness and gradually reach the realm of "selflessness and altruism" required by Teacher.
  • Only By Looking Within Can We Better Harmonise the Whole Body

    When another practitioner has shortcomings or hasn't done something right, I should take the initiative to help fix it and make it better. Instead of shirking responsibilities, I should carry the responsibility when problems are discovered. I think this is what putting everything into the best state is all about.
  • Improvement in Cultivation Does Not Come as a Result of Regret

    Divine beings do not do things that they will regret. They do not do things that are inconsistent with their level nor do they have those notions. Similarly, as Falun Dafa practitioners who know the Fa principles, why don't we do as a practitioner should?
  • The Beauty of Validating Dafa

    My daughter always accompanied me when I went out to distribute Falun Gong materials, whether it was day or night. I said to myself that it was time that I got rid of this dependency. I told her, "You can come with me if you want. If you don't, that is fine, too."
  • A New Practitioner's Cultivation Experience

    I had the good fortune to start practising Falun Dafa in 2006. Some time before that, my parents had passed away, first one, then the other. In the intervening years, I felt very depressed, and I often lost my temper in front of my husband and children. They didn't like me. A practitioner lent me the main book of Falun Dafa practice, Zhuan Falun, and after reading it, I started to realise my problem.