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  • Practicing Openly and Nobly, Avoiding Extremes

    I did not recognize my extreme views for a long time and thus couldn't calm down when meditating. I was puzzled how come I had given up everything and was such a diligent practitioner for so long and yet I had so many distracting thoughts when I meditated. Not until a few days ago did I realize that I was going to the extreme.
  • Helping Our Children Practitioners Cultivate

    We should also be careful how we conduct ourselves in front of children. If I do something wrong, I apologize to him. I allow him to remind me of any mistakes I make and thank him for it. In dealing with other people in front children, we must make sure that we behave like practitioners
  • Solidly Cultivate This Life Given by Falun Dafa

    It's not just my family. Several other practitioners are being brutally persecuted in my county. Ms. Liu Dongxue and Ms. Wang Jinling died because of the constant harassment. Several practitioners were illegally sentenced to forced labor or prison. Some had to wander about to avoid further persecution. They all used to have a very good family lives.
  • Thoughts after Studying Master's Lecture "Fa Teaching at the 2008 New York Conference"

    After exchanging views with fellow practitioners, we realized that many practitioners think that as long as they study the Fa, send forth righteous thoughts, and clarify the truth, they will definitely achieve consummation. Thus, many practitioners only do the three things required of them and neglect to cultivate themselves.
  • A Reminder to Practitioners Who Have Their Own Businesses

    If your business is doing so well to the point that you don't have time for Fa-study and exercises, think about it: Isn't this another type of old force persecution? But this type of persecution is more discreet and hard to detect. Your attachment to financial gain is made ever larger, interfering with your cultivation.
  • Dafa Disciples Need to Cultivate Based on the Upright Truths of the Fa

    When encountering tribulations or ordeals in life, whether they are in the area of our personal cultivation or during clarifying the truth of Dafa to people, we should face them calmly as a practitioner, treating it as a good opportunity and understanding that it is actually arranged by Teacher for the purpose of raising our levels
  • Reflecting on the Words of a Detained Fellow Practitioner

    The fellow practitioner in prison asked about two practitioners who had been detained a year earlier, and asked if one of them was still suffering abuse from her husband. His family members told him about the situation. He thought for a while and said, "I know now. If you are truly doing very well, her husband would have stopped treating her that way."
  • Letting Go of Attachments to the Human World

    Non-cultivators live in sadness and loss by thinking that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. For cultivators, cherishing what you have right now and focusing on diligent cultivation is what's really important.
  • The CCP Exports Bloody Violence Only to Bring Contempt Upon Itself

    The frenzied conduct of communist accomplices in Flushing help to show that the CCP regime is at the end of its rope. The regime openly ignores the rule of law in other countries, exporting its terror, bullying and violence wherever they can.
  • Using Divine Powers with Righteous Thoughts to Clarify the Truth to People in China

    A Qin said, "We are cultivators on the path to godhood. Every Falun Gong practitioner has very strong divine powers given by Teacher. As long as your thoughts are righteous, you will be able to use your divine powers at will. If you study the Fa diligently, you will know how to use them."
  • Our Media Companies Target a Non-practitioner Audience

    Many Dafa practitioners in mainland China read the articles on the NTDTV website about collecting funds and purchasing a satellite, and they want to help collect money and to contribute themselves. So they tried to get information on how to transfer such money to NTDTV. But NTDTV and our other media target non-practitioners.
  • "Taking Hardship as Joy"

    "All sentient beings are admiring us since we can participate in Dafa projects. Why would I have negative thoughts when feeling tired? Now, my mindset has changed and I truly understand taking hardship as joy. I will cherish even more what we have today, and really do well with Dafa projects."
  • Practitioners Should Not Be Addicted to Computer Games

    My emotional involvement with my son and thoughts about the benefits the games would have for him had disturbed my mindset. These games are designed to make people addicted to them, thus trapping one into the games, and dragging you down. The games are addictive, and for a cultivator, can destroy one's will to diligently cultivate.
  • How I Came to Set Up a Truth-Clarification Materials Centre at My Home

    It is really not difficult at all to set up a family-based truth-clarification materials centre. This is, after all, not something that everyday people do as a job. I hope that we can all study the Fa more and strengthen our righteous thoughts, so we have materials centres everywhere.
  • Travelling Thousands of Miles to Clarify the Truth

    I told her how compassionate Master is and that because she recited "Falun Dafa is good" even during her sleep, it was from her heart, so Master purified her body. I told her to remember Master's grace, remember the line diligently and recite it often, and she would receive blessings.