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  • Ridding Myself of Character Flaws While Clarifying Facts of Falun Dafa

    Several days later, we had another meeting. Again, I told him the mighty power of Falun Dafa and explained the karmic relationships between people. I answered some of his questions and read Master's articles to him. He expressed his respect for Dafa and withdrew from the CCP. I was pleased that his being was saved.
  • Manifesting Dafa's Glory at Work

    The kindness strengthened through practising cultivation enables me to always think of the clients and not scheme for my own personal interests. Many clients have become my friends. They know the truth about Dafa, and many have quit the Chinese Communist Party and its affiliated organizations.
  • Cultivation Requires Perseverance

    When there is a period of slacking off and one is in low spirits, we should be alert and understand that this is exactly the moment when the righteous (Buddha nature) and the evil (demonic nature) are battling in our own dimension. It is also the time when we make our choices. It is completely up to us what path we choose.
  • Validating the Fa with Calm and Rational Minds

    We don't need to have the exact same thoughts as others during our cultivation. It is good to have a normal communication and sharing. It helps us to see our own shortcomings. But it isn't good to have closed minds and hold stubbornly to our own opinions, or quote Teacher's sentences with our own attachments as proof of our opinions.
  • What does it mean to be a divine being?

    When we do things, we must be considerate toward others. This might even be used as an example for future generations. That is because everything we do in a righteous way will be left for future generations, and it is for them to follow and will be used as an example.
  • Being a Dafa Practitioner during the Fa-Rectification

    An attachment to "I," that is, selfishness, is the most fundamental attachment and is the root cause of all attachments. Aren't all attachments about "I love," "I want," and "I" as the centre? It is because deep in our hearts we don't want to hurt "self" or give up "self" that it is impossible to fundamentally eliminate attachments.
  • Clarifying the Truth Face to Face with People on the Street

    My fundamental goal was to expose all lies, and I did not back off when faced with difficulties. I was not afraid when I was talking to people. It is my responsibility to help people find out the truth. I forgot about everything else and just concentrated on what I was doing.
  • What I Learned about Myself after My Articles Were Published

    When I saw my cultivation insights published on "Minghui Weekly," my heart palpitated. I couldn't believe my eyes. It was only after I had repeatedly read the article that I was certain it was indeed my article. Later, I calmed down and told myself: "Good or bad comes from one thought."
  • A Toothache Prompted Me to Look Inward

    A single stick is easy to break, but a bundle of sticks tied together is very strong. It is the same with human thoughts. If one does not pay attention, after a while, a karmic field will form. After it extends deeper into our dimension, it is hard to eliminate.
  • Understanding Gained from Practicing the Exercises

    When the heart is melted into the Fa, our body will become light." Just after that thought, my shoulder became light and my leg was no longer convulsing. I stretched my legs slowly and felt that my whole body was moving up gradually, as if I were weightless, and felt extremely comfortable.
  • Eliminate Acquired Notions - Some Thoughts after Hearing My Son's Words

    I have been practising Dafa for many years and some of my attachments and acquired notions have been removed. But when I think back now, I find that during my individual cultivation period, most of my thoughts were actually dominated by acquired notions. These thoughts are just barriers that prevent me from keeping righteous thoughts all the time while handling things.
  • Cultivating and Saving Family Members

    I asked myself, "Did you follow Teacher's Fa? Did you behave as a practitioner?" In the subsequent days, I treated my family as my cultivation environment and my family members as sentient beings for me to save.I reminded myself to keep righteous thoughts and study the Fa well. I was certain that I could handle all conflicts and family members properly.
  • A Change in Mindset that Improved My Fa-study

    My mind wandered again yesterday while reading Zhuan Falun. So, I thought I should probably memorize the book, but was afraid it would slow down the speed of my reading. With this dilemma in the back of my mind, I suddenly discovered that all the distracting thoughts that had bothered me had vanished.
  • The Mentality of a Divine Being

    There is only one thing on a divine being's mind at every moment and under every circumstance, and that is validating Dafa and saving sentient beings. No matter how favourable or harsh the environment, a divine being's mind will not changed, and he/she will steadfastly continue on the path of belief.
  • Truly Follow the Requirements of the Fa in Every Deed

    Our gong cultivates both mind and body. How come I was showing signs of premature ageing? I know Teacher has told us that doing the exercises is the best way to rest. Yet when facing the reality of the situation, what I followed were my notions. I know what Teacher said is true, but I didn't truly believe in Teacher and the Fa.