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  • Photography: Gracious White Lotus

  • Science and Falun Gong

    Some people have negative opinions of Falun Gong because they find certain passages in the Falun Gong books hard to understand or difficult to accept. A genuine scientist would tolerate other scientists’ theories even if they contradict with his own, because he knows that the purpose of developing science is not to prove others wrong, but to search for the truth.
  • Paper Cut: The Whole World Celebrates Teacher's Birthday

  • Poetry: A Deication to Falun Gong Music (part 1)

    From depths of silence, deeper,Something of the boundless Spirals into motion, harmonic rhythm,Magnificence into the measurable.Visions, colours of peerless skies,Tangible almost, aspirations towards purest springs.
  • Painting: White Flowers

  • The Zither

    The zither is one of the oldest musical instruments. Its rich, deep sound, its lingering, faraway quality, give it its distinctive national features. Traditionally, zither playing allowed ancient scholars to express their feelings and aspirations.
  • Painting: Heavenly Beauty

  • Poem: Oceans of Eternity

    Within the oceans of humanityMany now coming to rise above tide and torrent. Even the tempestuous persecution seizing China at presentCannot dim the resplendent light of ‘Zhen, Shan, Ren'.
  • Drawing: Young Practitioners Practising the Falun Gong Exercises

  • Poem: New Horizon

    One hundred million hearts awakening, Destined towards new horizons…Sails unfurled, Resplendent under peerless skies.
  • Embroidery: Buddha

  • The Origin of a Chinese Idiom: Stealing One Chicken Per Month

    Duke Xuan of the Qi State during the Spring and Autumn Period (722 – 481 B.C.) asked him, “Can you tell the difference between the lack of effort and inability?” Mencius replied, “If someone asks you to carry Mount Tai under your arm and leap over the North Sea with it, and you say, ‘I am unable to do it,’ it is because you are truly unable to do it. If someone asks you to snap a branch off a tree and you say ‘I am unable to do it,’ it is from a lack of effort. Governing a kingdom is not as difficult as carrying Mount Tai under your arm and leaping over the North Sea. It is as easy as snatching a branch off a tree.
  • Embroidery: Buddha

  • Xi’an Wild Goose Pagoda

    The Wild Goose Pagoda, located at the southern end of the Great Compassion Temple, has become a symbol of Xi’an, a former historical capital of China. Wild Goose Pagoda was built for Monk Tang Sanzang to organise and translate the Buddhist scriptures that he brought back from India. Wild Goose Pagoda was originally named Goose Pagoda after a similar pagoda in India. Later on, a smaller Goose Pagoda was built inside the Blessings Temple of Changan City. In order to distinguish between the two, people call the one in the Great Compassion Temple Wild Goose Pagoda and the one in the Blessings Temple Small Goose Pagoda.
  • Embroidery: Great Law Wheel