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  • Stories from Ancient China: The Emperor Cries for his Mistakes

    The criminal faced a very important official and was so scared that he lowered his head and said nothing. Yu did not get angry but continued to advise him while shedding tears. The officials around Emperor Yu could not understand and one of them asked, "This person stole from others and should be punished. Why is Your Majesty suffering so much as to be shedding tears?"
  • Poem: The Flame

    We carry the flamethe torch of truthfor every heart to shine.For the sanctity of lifeand our humanityfreedom for all confined.A light in the distanceanother tide turningthe promise of brighter days.From behind China’s doorsa ‘party’ fallingits crimes and ruthless ways.
  • Chinese Fable: The Beggar's Handkerchief

    When the hostess saw the ugly servant, she was so shocked that she was speechless. The female servant felt very strange and asked the hostess: "Is there something on my face?" She wiped her face again using the handkerchief. The hostess was even more shocked and shouted, "What kind of handkerchief is this?" Upon hearing the hostesses shouting people flooded into the room. Everyone was shocked.
  • Poem: One Timeless Season

    Of heart and mindin great dividebeyond time and reasonall ways of men.Worlds turninga promise unfoldingbehold one timeless season“Zhen - Shan - Ren”.
  • Painting: The Heavens Speak

    When China’s former leader, Jiang Zemin, visited Houston, Texas in October of 2002, thousands of people who practise Falun Gong went there to appeal for an end to the persecution. During their appeal, practitioners withstood several days of severe, cold weather and heavy rains. The practitioners refused to be affected by the weather and stood their ground. Finally the storm cleared and a huge rainbow appeared in the sky. This painting captures that moment.
  • Stories from Ancient China: Yue Yun is Loyal, Courageous, Kind and Devoted; His Fame and Glory Will Last Forever

    Holding great aspirations from a very young age, he wanted to be like his father, Yue Fei, and serve the country loyally. He was intelligent, righteous, and successful in many military endeavours. At the age of twenty-three, Yue Yun and his father were framed and killed by the cunning minister, Qin Gui. With his pure heart and righteous spirit, Yue Yun is being remembered as a courageous Chinese patriot.
  • Stories from Ancient China: The Origin of Manchuria

    One day, three heavenly maidens came to bathe in the pond. The oldest sister was called Engulun, the second Zhenggulun, and the youngest Fogulun. After they finished bathing and were putting on their clothing, a magpie carrying a red fruit in his mouth and put it on the top of Fogulun's clothing. Fogulun was so fond of the red fruit that she kept playing with it in her hands when she accidentally swallowed it and fell pregnant.
  • Stories from Ancient China: Tang Yuan from Yuan Zhi Mountain

    However, no one noticed that a huge block of Yuan Zhi Mountain was missing. It turned out that the old man appeared in front of the mountain late at night and blew lightly toward the mountain. Within a minute, a huge piece of rock fell down and turned into numerous tang yuan.
  • Stories from Ancient China: An Honest, Righteous, and Selfless Government Official

    Yang Fu, also known as Yang Hongji, was an accomplished scholar from Hubei Province in the Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644 A.D.) of ancient China. During his life he advanced to the high positions of Hanlin academician and prime minister. He was known as a moral, honest, and righteous man who was also very modest and reverent. He was revered as one of the most virtuous prime ministers in Chinese history.
  • Poem: Like Never Before

    When evil is deemed as goodnessand only wealth in pocket is soughtwhen all that is tainted is believed to be purestour hearts are sold where only the worthless can be bought.When continuity is confined only to one lifeand this human world is considered as homewherever I walk amidst the manyhere before the heavens a few stand alone.
  • Chinese Culture: Enlightenment from the Bell

    In the Temple Regulations - Buddhist Instrument, it is said, "Bells play the role of verbal commands in temples. When it strikes at dawn it breaks the endless night, and wakes one from sleep. When it strikes in the evening, it alters the dusk, to banish the bad elements." No matter if a bell was used to call people to the main building, to read study the scriptures, to announce morning's arrival, to mark the time for sleep, for meals and so on, all these activities were done according to the command of the bell.
  • Stories from Ancient China: Lu Mengzheng Urges People to "Follow Their Fate"

    "When the timing is not right for heaven, the sun and the moon will lose their radiance. When the timing is not right for the earth, the plants will not grow. When the timing is not right for the ocean, the water will be stormy. When the timing is not right for a person, he will have bad luck. People's luck and fortunes are all predetermined by their fate. Everyone wants to be rich and noble. But how will you get it if that is not your fate?"
  • Stories from Ancient China: Yan Shu's Honesty

    Yan Shu was well respected by everyone for his honesty in asking to take the test and asking for reassignment of the topic. This story was passed on not only among the fellow test takers but also to Emperor Zheng Zong. Emperor Zhen Zong immediately asked to see Yan Zhu and commended him, "You not only have genuine talent and knowledge, but more importantly, you have the good character of honesty!"
  • Poem: Only When

    Only when amidstthe darkest of nightscan one see the brightest of starsonly when nearestour destined shorescan we see oceanswidest and afar.
  • Stories from Ancient China: Faith in Buddha Leads to Numerous Miracles

    The day after, he went to the temple to worship the Buddha as usual and was shocked to see a big scar on the forehead of the Buddha Statue, as if the forehead had been hit by an object. This was in the same position of the forehead where Zhang Liang had been hit by the timber. Zhang Liang realized that it was Buddha who had saved him from the danger fro his past good deeds. All those who heard of this sighed in astonishment.