Our hearts are with the Dafa-disciples in Masanjia

Gothenburg, Sweden, August 20, 2001 – In Gothenburg we made a strong protest in front of the Chinese Consulate. Between the busiest office hours 10 a.m. to 12 noon, we gathered in front of the consulate to protest against the inhuman treatment of Dafa disciples in Masanjia Labor Camp. The response from the massmedia was very good. Several journalists from different newspapers and a major national TV company came to interview us and inquire about the hunger strike in Masanjia.

A large banner with the words “130 HUMAN LIVES ARE IN GRAVE DANGER. 19TH DAY OF THE HUNGER STRIKE IN MASANJIA LABOR CAMP ” helped to expose the dreadful conditions in Masanjia labor camp could be read 100 meters away. Another banner in Chinese characters, “GOOD WILL BE REWARDED WITH GOOD – EVIL WITH EVIL” radiated benevolence and reminded those who supported the evil persecution of Dafa practitioner in China to rethink before it is too late.

With pure hearts and righteous thoughts we will expose the crimes of the Chinese regime. The protest will continue until the innocent practitioners at Masanjia are released.

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