Pingdu City Policemen Kidnap Over Thirty Dafa Practitioners and Force them into Brainwashing Classes

Before the Chinese Communist Party's 16th Congress, Pingdu City's "610 Office" [an agency specially created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems] and the Tonghou Borough Police Station organized mass arrests of Dafa practitioners. Without legal charges, policemen abducted practitioners from their homes or concealed themselves in areas where practitioners often passed by, and then ambushed them. The practitioners were forcibly taken to brainwashing classes and subjected to further persecution.

Although all the facts are not yet clear, over thirty practitioners were kidnapped and many were forced to leave their homes prior to the 16th Party Congress. A partial list of practitioners who are being persecuted has been released in the hope that it can draw high attention to their plight. Actions taken by kind-hearted people around the world will help to stop the persecution in Mainland China and support the suffering Dafa practitioners there.

In Yunshan Borough, the “610 Office” has conducted brainwashing classes aimed at all practitioners in that area. 15 practitioners were abducted before the 16th Party Congress. The majority of practitioners refused to cooperate or accept the evil demands of the police officers and the brainwashing classes were impossible to maintain. Some practitioners were transferred to brainwashing classes in Pingdu city to suffer further persecution.

In Gujian Borough, Leng Ruifang, a practitioner from Qianlongquan Village, and Zhong Youqing, of Zhaizhi Village, were captured by local police in late October/early November. They were sent to brainwashing classes in Pingdu City and subjected to inhuman persecution.

In Changle Borough and Dazeshan Borough, many practitioners were captured in the middle of November and sent to Pingdu city to suffer brainwashing.

Partial list of criminal authorities.

Gujian Borough:

Politics and Law Secretary- Sun Jianmin- Phone Number: 86-532-3362038

Vice Mayor - Dong Yuzhen

Police Station Head- Che Yongjie - Police Station Phone Number: 86-532-3361060

Police Station Instructor - Zhao Changshan

Evil Policeman- Dai Zhongliang

Xiangdian Police Station Head - Sui Fangzhong

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