UK: More MPs Raise Concern about Article 23 Legislation in Hong Kong

Norman Baker MP said in a letter to a practitioner on 28 November: "I read you letter with much interest and I agree with many of the points you have raised. I have been keeping a close eye on the situation as this area has been of much interest to me and I agree that the recent developments are very worrying."

Archy Kirkwood MP wrote on 27 November: "Thank you very much for your letter about the future implementation of powers under Article 23 of the Hong Kong Basic Law. I can appreciate the widespread concern about this matter and have already written to the Government to ask that representations be made to the Chinese Government as a matter of urgency."

Oona King MP wrote on 19 November: "I agree with the [UK] Government in opposing the Chinese suppression of religions and practices such as Falun Gong."

Another MP wrote on 27 November: "It is important to recognise the right of individuals to enjoy life's freedoms without fear of persecution or violation of basic human rights"

Jeremy Corbyn MP, a Vice Chairman of the All Party Human Rights Group, said in his letter of 26 November: "As Vice Chair of the All Party Human Rights Group such violations of human rights trouble me enormously. The subject was raised at a recent meeting in the House [UK Parliament, House of Commons] with (Mary Robinson's new replacement) the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights: Mr Sergio Vieira de Mello who certainly appeared to take the matter seriously."

Mr Nigel Jones MP has written to other Foreign Office officials about the Article 23 legislation.

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