Germany: Parade to Appeal Against Article 23 and Request for Help to Rescue our Family Members

By a German practitioner

On December 14 2002, German practitioners from Dresden and the surrounding cities took part in activities in the busy centre of Dresden. They set up an information stand and later formed a parade and walked around the city. The practitioners hoped to tell people about the Jiang regime’s attempts to spread their terror tactics to Hong Kong by enforcing the Article 23 legislation. This would allow the Chinese dictator Jiang Zemin to directly persecute Falun Gong practitioners in Hong Kong and take away the human rights of all citizens in this free and democratic society. The German practitioners also told the public about their friends and family members who are imprisoned in labour camps and detention centres in China and asked for help to have them freed. They could be suffering from torture and beatings and their lives are at risk; unofficial sources put the death toll of innocent Falun Gong practitioners at over 1,600. The friends and family members of German practitioners include Ms. Xiong Wei, Mr. Liu Shan, Mrs. Hui-qin Pan, Mr. Liu Hongbo, Mrs. Zhang Xinxing, and Mrs. Wang Xiaoyan.

After the parade, the practitioners got together to study the Fa [the teachings of Falun Dafa founder Mr. Li Hongzhi] and share understandings. They talked about what ways they felt that they could improve their attempts to tell people the truth about the persecution in China and allow them to see through the web of lies created by Jiang’s regime.

Talking to the publicRevealing the facts to a group of Chinese students
Reading a letter from practitioner Du Juan to the international communityAppeal in Schloss Square
Parade against Article 23 and to rescue our family members

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