Denmark: Letter of response from Social Democratic party to Falun Gong practitioners

Christiansborg, December 11 2002

The Falun Gong Movement in China

I thank you for your letter from December 4 2002 in which you bring up the issue of the Chinese regime’s abuse of thousands of Chinese people. I have great sympathy for the victims of the Chinese state’s illegitimate power, including the many suppressed Falun Gong practitioners.

The Social Democrats does view the Chinese regime’s attempt to implement the controversial “article 23” into the Hong Kong legislation with great concern. We’ll raise the issue with our EU collaborators as soon as the occasion arises.

On the whole we are closely following China’s development and on different occasion’s we have also put the issue on the agenda in parliament, in the foreign ministry as well as during large international meetings.

I can assure you that in future we’ll still do all within over power to advance human rights and democracy in China.

Best regards

Jeppe Kofod MP, Social Democrats
Spokesperson Foreign Affairs

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