Germany: Practitioners Gather in Front of the Chinese Embassy in Munich

The night before Jiang visited the United States, Dafa practitioners in southern Germany gathered in front of the Chinese Embassy in Munich. This activity will continue from October 19 to 25.

Although the weather suddenly became very cold and rainy, the practitioners sat serenely in the rain in peace and tranquility. The dark clouds above the Embassy were dispersed and the blue sky appeared.

More and more kind-hearted Germans have realized the truth. They sincerely support us and hope that we will succeed.

The practitioners also clarified the truth and handed out truth-clarifying materials to tourists from China at nearby scenic spots. Facing the innocent and kind smiles of the western practitioners, the Chinese tourists immediately saw through the evil lies of Jiang: "See, aren't there also foreigners practicing Falun Gong?" When some Chinese people received our materials, they laughed and said loudly before the practitioners even started talking,"Falun Dafa is good!"Immediately, the sounds of,"Falun Dafa is good"could be heard everywhere. More and more Chinese people have learned the truth. How much longer can the evils' lies last?

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