Germany: Practitioners Invited to Attend a Press Conference Hosted by the Green Party in Hamburg City Hall

To celebrate the opening of China Week, Mr. Porschke, the chairman of Green Party’s German branch, hosted a press release conference on Sep 17 2002. Falun Gong practitioners were invited to attend the conference. Mr. Porschke hoped to make an appeal for those minority groups that are oppressed in China through the press conference.

Before the opening that would be held at 2:00 in the afternoon, the participants and many journalists from news offices all gathered together. Mr. Porschke gave a speech first, and then the representatives of other groups made statements, including the Falun Gong representative.

The representative of Falun Gong addressed the Jiang regime’s persecution of practitioners in China, and the persecution’s extension overseas. The representative also listed the unlawful and aggressive violent measures employed by German policemen on practitioners, when Jiang visited Germany in April 2002.

We would like to thank Green Party again for their concern about human rights in China, and also pass on the thanks of the Chinese practitioners who cannot speak in public. It goes without saying that what we want is their freedom to practise Falun Dafa and not be under threat of violence, incarceration and even death.

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