Statement of Support from Danish Member of Parliament

Monday 23 September 2002

Democratic rights under pressure

After September 11 last year governments and authorities have expanded their powers considerably. More surveillance, closer police co-operation, further control of travellers and other measures. All this has been done with reference to "the fight against terrorism".

Terrorists must be fought, yes. But it is deeply disgraceful and dangerous for the citizens and the civil societies' organisations and associations if hitherto fundamental rights are undermined. And it is according to our view what is about to happen these days.

In the Red-Green Alliance we sharply condemn terrorism. But we equally sharply condemn the undermining of the citizens rights to express views and participate in public life through political organizations and demonstrations.

We have during the recent period experienced how the Danish authorities, in what can hardly be seen as anything other than obliging the Chinese authorities, have limited peaceful demonstrators protesting the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. Also, Danish citizen's freedom to move and travel when they wanted to participate in a demonstration during a Chinese state representative's visit to Iceland earlier this year were curtailed.

We strongly protest this. If we start to lose our democratic rights then the terrorists -- whether they are individuals or states -- have won.

Line Barfod, MP
The Red-Green Alliance

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