France: Clarifying the Truth in the Scenic Spots and China Town of Paris

There have been more and more tourists from China visiting Paris for pleasure in recent years. As Dafa practitioners in Paris, we understand the magnitude and importance of our responsibility [to clarify the truth to them].

Every Sunday afternoon, a remarkable scene is added to the magnificence of the Eiffel Tower: rows and rows of Dafa practitioners demonstrate the exercises under the banners of “Falun Dafa” and “Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance”, groups and groups of audience watch the exhibition boards of the facts, while the beautiful melody of Dafa music spreads through in surrounding air. People are exposed to the benevolent field of Dafa. Ever since the release of Master Li’s new article “Hurry Up and Tell Them”, we add on-site broadcasting. The narrative of the broadcasting is concise, easy to understand, thus attracting Chinese visitors from every corner. Some of them approach practitioners to start up a conversation. They ask, “Does the French government allow practicing Falun Gong?” Some of them take CD’s from practitioners when their friends are not around, and quickly put the CD’s into their bags.

At dusk, Dafa practitioners start to play the video about the truth of self-immolation in China Town. The location is selected right next to the exit of the subway. The video is projected onto a screen. It attracts the pedestrians, who stop walking to watch the video quietly. Upon the completion of the video, people disperse. But soon, another group gathers to watch the video. Most of them are Chinese, while some of them are French. By asking for documents, they also want to know what has actually happened. Some of the Chinese tourists are in tears after they watch the video. They say Falun Gong practitioners should be respected and admired because practitioners have been so firm on their belief. Upon their departure, some tourists ask when the video will be shown again. Dafa practitioners decide to conduct similar activities at other scenic spots, or in other areas where Chinese gather until the facts are fully disclosed to the world.


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