“Anti-Subversion Law” in Hong Kong Paves the Way for Jiang Zemin’s Tyranny

Regarding the preparation of an “anti-subversion law”, spokespersons for the Falun Dafa Information Center in Hong Kong have issued this statement

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – September 26, 2002

HONG KONG, September 25, 2002 (Falun Dafa Information Centre) – Regardless of the benefits touted by Hong Kong’s leadership, adopting an anti-subversion law based on Article 23 of the Basic law will do nothing more than extend the ability of Jiang Zemin's regime to violate human rights as well as persecute Falun Gong and other peaceful groups in Hong Kong. It will put the will of Jiang Zemin above the law, above the Hong Kong government and above the will of the people.

The Jiang Zemin regime threatens other countries, pressuring them to go against their systems of law, freedoms and heritage. The world witnessed this phenomenon during Jiang’s recent visits to Germany and Iceland, where constitutional rights were suspended to bow to the visiting dictator.

We hope governments and people around the world will see this clearly for themselves.

We believe the Hong Kong government and people should not be victims of Jiang Zemin's tyranny, and should not have to live under such a reign of terror. Our friends and families in Mainland China suffer untold atrocities at the hands of Jiang’s bloody agenda. Hong Kong cannot stand idle as Jiang’s will is extended into the SAR utilizing our own system of laws.

Laws should be based on standards of human ethics and principles, and should protect human rights and the fair practice of the rule of law. They should not be based on the whims and ideas of a few government leaders who persecute people.

Regarding the current situation, preparing the so-called "anti-subversion law" is neither necessary nor appropriate. We believe the Hong Kong people will use peaceful and rational means to reject any laws that serve only the will of Jiang Zemin, and we urge them to stop these policies, which, if implemented, will lead to Hong Kong’s destruction as a free society.

We have already witnessed how laws can be bent and manipulated under pressure from Jiang Zemin's regime to restrict human rights and freedom in the SAR. Laws enacted to prevent street vendors from blocking the streets were recently used to persecute Falun Gong practitioners making a peaceful appeal in front of the Chinese Liaison Office.

Everyone has seen that Falun Gong practitioners live by the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance, strive to be kind and peaceful, and do not engage in activities that are against the law or harmful to society.

We do not have a political agenda, nor are we against the government, either here in Hong Kong or on the Mainland. We are against the illegal persecution of Falun Gong by Jiang Zemin and those under his control.

Our way of expression may be different from other groups, but it is always peaceful and motivated by good will for the people of Hong Kong and society.

To protect the dignity and stability of society in Hong Kong, we must prevent Jiang Zemin's regime from extending its cruel reach into the SAR. We ask for help and coordination with other groups in Hong Kong who share this concern.

We will continue to appeal peacefully and tell the facts of what is happening to Falun Gong, and expose those responsible for it.

We call upon governments, the media and people around the world: Please recognize the true nature of the proposed “anti-subversion law” and prevent Jiang Zemin from exporting his persecution of human rights, and his attack on principles of human ethics.

Contacts: Chen Yongguang 9635-8516 Xu Zhang Yixian 9879-9879 Jian Hongzhang
9876-3530 Sharon Xu 9263-4150 (English).

The Falun Dafa Information Center has verified details of 485 deaths since the persecution of Falun Gong in China began in 1999. Government officials inside China, however, report that the actual death toll is well over 1,600. Over 100,000 have been detained, with more than 20,000 being sentenced to forced labour camps without trial.

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