New Jersey: Falun Dafa at the Mid-Autumn Festival

New Jersey Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival was held in Liberty State Park, New Jersey on September 22, 2002. The Falun Dafa booth was crowded the whole day. Practitioners handed out paper lotus flowers and truth-clarifying materials. Many people stopped by to learn more about Falun Dafa, and watch the videos.

The Tang Dynasty Dancers performed for the group. The Chinese mid-Autumn Festival was an excellent opportunity to participate in the local community and clarify the truth.

The announcers introduced the group as Falun Dafa practitioners who cultivate Zhen-Shan-Ren. Some people in the audience looked sceptical at first, but their faces softened into smiles as they watched the performance.

The large audience consisted of Chinese Americans from the surrounding area. After the performance, many people wanted to chat with the performers, including some local news reporters.

After the performance, the dancers went outside to demonstrate the exercises for the large crowd gathered there. Although there was no practice music available, the scene was very serene.

Practitioners taught the exercises to some interested people after the performance.

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