Denmark: Latest Events in Copenhagen

Second Successful Press Conference during the European Summit

On 24 September practitioners held a press conference at the prestigious Hotel D´Angleterre in the centre of Copenhagen. The focus of the press conference was to highlight the Jiang regime’s pressurising of Governments around Europe. Practitioners mentioned the pressure put on the Danish government and also other Governments such as those of Iceland, Ukraine and Germany. A practitioner who spent two years in a labour camp explained the terrible tortures that he had suffered. Another practitioner whose husband was murdered also clarified the truth. Lord Thurlow from the House of Lords in the UK and a representative from the European Falun Gong Information Centre made statements asking European Governments to speak up strongly to stop the persecution being spread in their own country by the Jiang regime of China.

The conference was a great success and continues the strong media coverage achieved by practitioners in Copenhagen. For example, the press conference and parade that was held by practitioners on 23 September was shown on the main TV news and there has been daily coverage of the practitioners' activities in the main newspapers.

Events outside the hotel of the Chinese delegation

Practitioners held a peaceful vigil outside the hotel used by the Chinese delegation. When the Chinese agents saw the practitioners they immediately put pressure on the Danish police to remove them. The Danish police then asked the practitioners to move to another area where they would not be visible.

Practitioners revealed the facts about the persecution to the Head of the Police for that district and the Administrator from the Local Government. They both confirmed that practitioners could stay in front of the hotel so that they could be visible to the delegation. Practitioners are now continuing their vigil outside the hotel.

Events inside the delegation´s hotel

Some practitioners visited the hotel used by the Chinese delegation. The Chinese agents were crawling all over the hotel. When practitioners went to the hotel restaurant, they sat at one table. There was no one else in the restaurant. The agents came into the restaurant and sat in the table right next to the practitioners even though there were many other tables free. They did not eat anything but just drank beer. When the practitioners left the restaurant, the agents followed them and went directly to report to the other agents. The hotel staff asked the practitioners to wait while the Spanish Prime Minister went past them. The Chinese agents did not wait but pushed past the hotel staff and treated them roughly.

Some practitioners also stayed at the hotel. Wherever they went in the hotel, they were followed by the agents. Even the other guests, who were not practitioners, were followed. The practitioners reported this to the Danish police and the hotel manager. The Danish police said that the agents were not allowed to behave like this.

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