Practitioners Visit Cambodian Consulate In Berlin, Germany

Three practitioners visited the Cambodian Consulate in Berlin, Germany on August 19, 2002. Their purpose was to deliver an open letter in which they expressed their grave concern about the incident wherein two Chinese Falun Gong practitioners with UN refugee status were abducted in Cambodia and forcefully deported back to China.

While waiting to make an appointment to meet with the Consul, the practitioners saw him outside, accompanied by his staff members on their way back into the office. When asked by the officials why they were in the Consulate, the three practitioners quickly introduced Falun Gong along with the persecution and crimes against humanity committed by Jiang's regime. They specifically explained the incident in Cambodia. They explained why they thought the Cambodian government's involvement in Jiang's persecution through the abduction and deportation of the two Chinese Falun Gong practitioners with UN refugee status would have dangerous impact on the country and its people. They also told them that Chinese people have since ancient times believed that "good is rewarded with good and evil is met with retribution." The three practitioners asked the officials to urge the Cambodian government to admit their mistakes, help free the two Falun Gong practitioners in China, and ensure that this would never occur again. The officials expressed their total agreement with what the practitioners said and emphasized that in their culture they believed in the same thing. They also said that they fully understood why the practitioners had such concerns and requests. They promised that they would convey the practitioners' concerns to their government.

Before the practitioners left the Consulate, they took the opportunity to clarify the facts to other officials as well. As they left, they stressed the importance of complying with Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance. An official held the hand of a practitioner and seriously nodded his head, "I will remember what you said."

The practitioners followed up with a visit on August 21. An official confirmed that, as promised, he had reported their visit and their concern to the Consul, and forwarded the materials as well. The practitioners told the official that as he reported to his Consul, two more practitioners had to leave home in Cambodia to avoid being arrested, and that the Amnesty International had begun a worldwide appeal for urgent action.

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