Ireland: Falun Dafa Association Held Press Conference to Disclose the Unjust Trial of Hong Kong practitioners

On 7th Aug, the Irish Falun Dafa Association held a press conference in front of the Chinese Embassy in Dublin to disclose the political trial of Hong Kong practitioners by HK police.

IFDA’s spokes man Gerald O’Connel made a statement on behalf of IFDA regarding the legal case currently being tried in Hong Kong in which the HK police falsely charged 16 Falun practitioners as blocking the street and attacking police.

He cited the defendants’ solicitor’s words, “These accused have rights that are enshrined in and thus protected by the Basic Law, which guarantees their right to assemble and express their views.” Mr. O’Connor presented some pictures in which HK policemen and women were pressing and nipping practitioners’ acupuncture points to cause pain to them while the later kept peaceful during the arrest. He said, “what is tried in this case is actually Hong Kong people’s freedom of speech and assembly”, and called it a political trial.

Mr O’Connor condemned the behaviour of Jiang Zemin’s regime as they extend their persecution of Falun Gong outside mainland and expressed worry about whether Hong Kong can keep its original prosperity and stability.

Finally he called on the international community to “Help to stop this political trial, in which law was trampled by political power, and to support the Hong Kong people’s legal rights and freedom of belief, speech and assembly.”

Also speaking in the press conference was Zhao Ming, the Trinity College student who was put in labour camp in China for nearly 2 years for practising Falun Gong. Ming was requested by the defendants’ solicitor Mr. John Clancey to give evidence in court about what he experienced in the labour camp. But Ming failed to make the trip because the Chinese Embassy in Dublin has not accepted his application for a Hong Kong visa. The visa officer of the Embassy said he would report Ming’s intending to apply for a HK visa to Beijing see if it would be agreed. Ming said this was a proof that HK’s 50 years’ “One Country, Two System” guarantee had not been honoured.

Ming raised the rallies held on his behalf by Trinity students as a legal and effective example of peaceful protests as HK practitioners did.

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