Germany: Falun Gong Well Received at the German Cultural Festival Despite the Chinese Consulate's Attempt to Interfere

"We are pleased to have the Falun Gong contingent. Falun Gong is a Buddha School cultivation practice that benefits people in over one hundred countries and regions in the world. In Germany, they have the freedom to demonstrate the practice to people and participate in the parade every year. We are very pleased to be with them today. The principles of Falun Gong are Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance, which are fully consistent with our philosophy. And this group helps us feel the importance of freedom.” During this warm introduction by the event host, four different sections of the Falun Gong parade entry led by the European Divine Land Marching Band, entered the performance venue.

This is the 8th annual parade of the Frankfurt Cultural Festival. On June 23, 2012 at noon, more than fifty organizations participated in the event. Falun Gong practitioners formed several sections including the European Divine Land Marching Band, an exercise team demonstrating the practice on a float, and “celestial maidens” performing a fan dance.

Chinese Consulate’s Repeated Attempts to Interfere Are in Vain

Two days before the event, the Chinese Consulate phoned the organizing committee, asking them to ban Falun Gong from participating in the cultural festival. The event organizers rejected their demand.

Two months ago, the Chinese Consulate had contacted the organizing committee inquiring whether Falun Gong would participate in the parade and said, "If Falun Gong is going to participate, we will also do it. " At that point, the organizing committee did not provide an answer. When everything was ready and the event was about to begin, the Chinese Consulate again made unreasonable demands to the organizers.

Since 2003 when Falun Gong practitioners started to participate in the Frankfurt Cultural Festival parade, every year, the CCP has been trying to prevent people overseas from learning the facts about Falun Gong and block Falun Gong practitioners from participating in the festival. Dominik, a Falun Gong practitioner responsible for contacting the organizing committee, said: "The organizing committee does not like the way the Chinese Consulate does things like this, because they often raise inexplicable requirements to the organizing committee, for example, 'our organization should be number 1 as we have more people attending this event ', or 'do not allow certain groups to participate, otherwise we will do something about it, etc.' In contrast, the Falun Gong group has never caused any problems and is easy to work with, according to the organizing committee. "

Dominik told the reporter: "In 2007 we won a prize, but the Chinese Consulate immediately phoned the organizers demanding that they revoke the award. The organizers were very surprised at this and responded, 'Are we living in Germany or in China? '"

Having been repeatedly rebuffed, the Chinese Consulate still tries to create trouble for the event.

People Impressed by the Peacefulness of Falun Gong

Together with his friends, a Spanish student studying at university in Frankfurt was standing at the very front of the crowd watching the Falun Gong contingent passing by. Pointing at a banner, he interpreted every word on the banner into Spanish to his friends. When learning that Falun Gong is a cultivation method with Chinese ancient wisdom and follows the principle of Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance, he said: "Great, I will look for the practice site.”

A distinguished elderly man was leaning against a street light column and seemed lost in thought as he watched the Falun Gong practitioners' fan dance. When asked what his impression was, he held out his arm and said: “Look, I have goose bumps! I'm so touched. Words fail me."

A young man riding a bicycle told the reporter: "Look! They are so well organized. They seemed to so unified despite being from various cultural backgrounds, both Asian and Western. Incredible!"

Two ladies were sitting outside a coffee shop watching the parade. One of them named Uta said: “The movements and elegance of the fan dancers amazes me, how they have showed such calmness and peacefulness in this noisy environment. I have never seen this before, and I enjoy watching them. I would like to know more about Falun Gong.”

A man stopped to look at the Falun Gong procession, and said: “They are so beautiful and this is real Chinese culture.” He continued, "What we cannot forget is that Mao Zedong has destroyed all Chinese traditional things. However, sooner or later, traditional culture will be revived."

In addition to taking part in the parade, Falun Gong practitioners also applied for a booth, so that people could learn more about Falun Gong. Many people stopped to learn about the practice, ask about the situation in China and sign the petition.

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