Italy: Falun Gong Draws Attention at Multicultural Festival in Milan

During the two weekends from the end of June to early July, Falun Gong practitioners in Milan, Italy, were invited to take part in local community events organized by the Festival Delle Diversita. The Falun Gong information booth attracted many people of different races to come and learn about the practice. People signed the petition protesting the persecution, while learning Falun Gong and making paper lotus flowers were popular this year.

Practitioners demonstrate the Falun Gong exercises

This annual cultural festival, which took place over two consecutive weekends, was held in the largest parks in two urban districts in Milan. Many cultural, arts, and human rights groups set up exhibition stands. Practitioners in Milan set up an information booth with posters and leaflets to introduce Falun Dafa and call for an end to the brutal persecution.

Noticing the display boards, an Italian man stopped to read carefully. His expression gradually darkened, and he told Falun Gong practitioners that he loved Chinese culture and had practised martial arts for many years, but that he did not know anything about the CCP persecution of Falun Gong, which was very shocking. He immediately signed the petition protesting the persecution without any hesitation.

An Italian mother brought her 12-year-old daughter to learn about Falun Gong. As she read, she patiently explained the contents to her daughter so that she would have a better understanding of subject. After seeing her mother sign the petition, the daughter asked a practitioner, “May I sign, too?” After receiving confirmation, she also signed the petition with care.

Tourists pay attention to Falun Gong on the Festival Delle Diversita, Millan

People sign the petition the end the persecution and support Falun Gong

Two friendly Italian police officers came to the booth. One of them said that he had seen the display boards in front of the Chinese Consulate and he expressed his support of Falun Gong. His colleague did not know anything about Falun Gong, so the first officer told him about it. Finally, both asked whether their kids could come learn Falun Gong, because their kids were very naughty.

On one side of the booth, free Falun Gong teaching was offered. Practitioners demonstrated the five exercises. Many people came to learn them.

In addition, practitioners set up a table to teach people how to make paper lotus flowers. The golden lotus flowers sparkled. At one time people were crowded around the table. Many children and their parents came to learn how to fold the flowers. Eventually one more table was needed to accommodate everyone.

Folding paper lotuses was popular

Practitioners told people that the lotus represents holiness and goodness. Some people followed practitioners to repeat, “Falun Dafa is great” and “Truth-Compassion-Forbearance” in Chinese, which was printed on the bookmarks attached to the paper lotuses.

An Asian couple with a guitar saw the pictures of the brutal persecution of Falun Gong on the display boards and frowned. The man said with indignation, “How that could happen!?” But when they saw the paper lotuses, both of them smiled. The girl said, “Really beautiful.”

Local Chinese came to the information stand with curiosity. Practitioners gave them leaflets to read. Some understood the facts only after a few words and were happy to quit the CCP using an alias. A few Chinese kids imitated the exercises, and said “Falun Dafa is great” in Chinese. Some kids took the CD home and said they would show it to their families. One young Chinese girl wanted to help to hand out leaflets so that more people could learn about Falun Gong.

During the four-day event, similar things happened again and again. The practitioners on site said that more and more people would like to learn about Falun Gong.

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