The "Stockholm Syndrome" Affects Many Victims of the Jiang Regime's Forced Brainwashing

By Shou Yi

July 4, 2002

On a Chinese website I recently read an article written by Mr. Zhou Qibo. This individual used the following facts when portraying a ruler who uses violence and terrorism to brainwash his people:

"On August 23, 1973, two bank robbers took three female clerks and one male clerk as hostages from a bank in Stockholm, Sweden. The police immediately surrounded the site of the crime and eventually successfully rescued the hostages. On August 28 they arrested the bank robbers. During the six days of confrontations between the bank robbers and the police, the lives of the hostages were in the hands of the criminals. The hostages, to protect their own lives, cooperated with the bank robbers and they called on the media and government to withdraw the police and satisfy the bank robbers' demands. These are actions befitting a normal person's mentality. However, when the hostages were released, although the threat against their lives had been removed, they continued to side with the bank robbers. They commended the bank robbers to the media and the judges, and thanked the bank robbers for sparing their lives and treating them with kindness. A female hostage even got engaged to one of the criminals. This case of the abused bonding with their abusers, and this kind of bond enduring even after the momentary violence has been avoided, attracted the attention of psychologists all over the world. Swedish psychologist Nils Bejorot named it the 'Stockholm Syndrome.' For the past several decades, hostage cases have become a widespread phenomenon around the world, and the 'Stockholm Syndrome' seems to occur often; discussion of this topic in psychological circles is never ending."

In fact, this phenomenon is happening on a large scale in China right now. While dictator Jiang uses the government's machinery within his control to restrict and terrorize the people, he also uses his mouthpieces, the TV stations and newspapers, to advocate his "Three Representatives" theory, which in reality represents corrupt officials, cruel officials and criminal behaviour. He also advocates China's superficial prosperity, which is dependent on foreign investments. This brainwashing has made many Chinese people become slaves to the propaganda. Right now, many people, including some victims of the "June 4 Tiananmen Massacre" still defend the massacre. When the Falun Gong practitioners are tortured and murdered because they insist on being allowed to practice their faith and appeal according to law, some of these same people do not condemn the dictator's cruelty; instead, they accuse the Falun Gong practitioners of being in the wrong.

Jiang is still holding numerous brainwashing classes all over China through the "610 Office" whose authorities send Falun Gong practitioners into these brainwashing centres and terrorize and deceive them, with base and brutal means. As a result of these violent brain washings, some people suffered nervous breakdowns and betrayed their faith. Furthermore, these people then became collaborators with the "610 Office" personnel to harm other people and praised the very dictator who had tortured them. Those of us abroad might think this behaviour is incomprehensible, as it is the tragedy of tragedies. Those of us who have not experienced this vile treatment ourselves should not underestimate the danger of the Jiang regime's violent brain washing. While we are attempting to treat the "Stockholm Syndrome" we must eliminate the fundamental cause of the "Stockholm Syndrome."

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