Canada: Falun Dafa Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference Held in Ottawa

A Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference was held on May 1st, 2011, at the University of Ottawa in Ottawa, Canada. The conference began with all the attendees reciting Lunyu [The foreword to Zhuan Falun]. Six practitioners shared their cultivation experiences and understandings.

An elderly practitioner shared what she experienced during the process of suing the Ottawa Senior Chinese Culture Association for discrimination against Falun Gong. She told how she was able to validate the Fa by calmly studying the Fa and how the practitioners, by clarifying the truth, sending righteous thoughts, and cooperating with each other, ultimately won the case.

A Western practitioner told of her miraculous recovery from her heart problem with her righteous thoughts and her firm belief in Master and the Fa. At the time, she couldn't work as usual because of her heart problem. Through studying the Fa, she gained a deeper understanding of the Fa principles, and made up her mind to cultivate her xinxing [Heart nature; moral quality] well.

A practitioner who coordinated ticket sales for the Shen Yun performance shared how he cultivated away his attachments such as resentment and strove forward diligently to improve with fellow practitioners as he coordinated to promote Shen Yun.

Yet another practitioner shared his cultivation experience of rectifying his heart and mind in doing Fa-validation projects and doing better in cooperating and coordinating with other practitioners.

During an open discussion and sharing session, practitioners discussed their understandings and insights regarding sending righteous thoughts and looking within. A practitioner who is in charge of clarifying the facts to government officials talked about the importance of truth clarification as a group during the federal election and his understanding of Dafa disciples' responsibility.

A Western practitioner who had obtained the Fa but took a detour returned to the path of cultivation. He expressed his determination to cultivate all the way until the end.

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