Germany: Audiences Drawn to Shen Yun's Beauty, Grace and Inner Meaning in Frankfurt

The Shen Yun Performing Arts Touring Company began its 2011 European Tour in Frankfurt, Germany, staging three shows at Jahrhunderthalle Frankfurt on February 26-27, 2011.

Jeweller and son brought 65 guests to Shen Yun

The head of Juwelier Rüschenbeck in Frankfurt, Germany, Piroz Khajehmaid, was in the audience, watching the Shen Yun Performing Arts show with his 13-year-old son.

This was the second time in two years that Mr. Khajehamid had seen the show.

"Yes, the show was even better than last year, but I attribute this partially to my increased understanding of the show."

He said that he was completely captivated with the performance, from beginning to end.

“It seldom happens that something keeps me this spellbound and moved."

Mr. Khajehamid admits to being a workaholic “whose mind is always in high gear. I think I even work in my sleep," he explained.

But to his surprise, "During this show I had put all other thoughts out of my mind … I only saw the colours—they connect and fascinate. I had never seen anything like it. It is totally new to me. I am completely enchanted," he said.

"Time meant nothing—I cannot even remember if the show took one or two hours; it does not matter. One is so completely involved in the whole program, that all other things take a back seat."

Arian was astonished by the soprano's singing, saying, "She sings without a microphone; that is something I have never experienced before!"

Business manager: Shen Yun exceeded expectations

Peter Jacobs said that the Shen Yun show brought great cultural benefit to his mind.

Also in the audience was Peter Jacobs, manager at Mido, the well-known Swiss watchmaking firm.

Mr. Jacobs expressed a deep appreciation for both the visual and artistic content of the show.

"In my opinion the show stressed two points: first, the message they conveyed to the audience and secondly, that the message could be heard clearly."

The message Mr. Jacobs was referring to relates to human freedom.

“There was a message that required one’s thought processes to start working and present the viewer with a different point of view," he said. “For me, this afternoon was by far the best afternoon in the year 2011!"

Mr. Jacobs said that the Shen Yun performance far exceeded his expectations.

"It [Shen Yun] definitely was of cultural benefit. I never expected to experience what I experienced today through this show. What I received today far exceeded my expectations," he said.

Mr. Jacobs felt that the performance, from beginning to end, was built on connected themes, which came full-circle at the end of the show.

"After the first scene, When the Kings Followed the Creator to Earth, I received so much food for thought, and then I combined that with what was happening onstage and became part of what I was seeing," he said. “Thus, there was a main focus, which was presented in the beginning and then again at the end of the show. They brought it all together."

The grand finale, The Opening of Heaven’s Gates, is a dance set that portrays the ancient Chinese belief that good will always be rewarded and evil will always be punished. In the performance, a young man is rewarded by Heaven for showing outstanding courage in the face of adversity.

He said that he would definitely tell his friends that Shen Yun is very entertaining and professional.

Author and China expert: “My face was bathed in tears!”

Dr. Thomas Weyrauch, author and China expert, enjoyed Shen Yun.

Dr. Thomas Weyrauch, author and internationally renowned China expert, said that Shen Yun was “truly worthwhile.”

He did confess that during one dance set, Our Story, he couldn't hold back his tears.

"I'm a grown man, but in the scene where the teacher was persecuted to death, my face was bathed in tears!"

Inspired by a true story, this dance set tells of a beloved teacher who guides her pupils, not just in the art of writing, but life. She is later arrested for writing the Chinese characters for "truth," "compassion," and "tolerance" on the blackboard.

The loyal students rise up to protect their teacher. Her heartbroken students are ultimately rewarded for their courage and conviction with a miraculous scene.

Dr. Weyrauch was deeply impressed by the dancers, vocalists, and orchestra.

He was emotionally touched by the belief in goodness that was woven throughout the show.

Shen Yun “It was quite beautiful!”

Andre von Keitz, head of personnel at a German bank, enjoyed Shen Yun.

Andre von Keitz, head of personnel at a German bank, said he “liked the show very much, starting with the scenes and continuing with the artistic skills. It was quite beautiful!”

He particularly enjoyed the dance No Regrets, which depicts the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in contemporary China.

"That story [No Regrets], and the way it was portrayed, fascinated me," he said.

Mr. von Keitz thought the high tech animated backdrops were "Ingenious!” adding, “I have never seen anything like it. It was amazing how the artists disappeared behind the stage and then appeared as a figure on the backdrop.

"It was perfect! The change of images between scenes—until the bubble burst and the deities emerge—a superb resolution of the dilemma."

Mr. von Keitz also enjoyed the music and the solo vocalists. "The libretto and the voice of the tenor at the end were excellent and quite moving.

“What also impressed me was the woman playing the two-stringed [Chinese] erhu. The contrast between the dramatic and the melancholy into the happy mood was so enjoyable," he said.

Banker says Shen Yun brought a deeper understanding of China

Norbert Wied, assistant vice president at Credit Suisse was impressed by the choreography and the scene about monk Lu Zhishen.

Mr. Norbert Wied, assistant vice president at Credit Suisse, was thoroughly impressed by the show.

"The backdrop and the show's focus concentrate on traditional belief and Chinese people’s trust in gods."

Mr. Wied touched upon the Chinese Communist's regime's brutal and oppressive nature, saying, “Such oppression will not be successful in the long run.”

The technical aspects of the performances Shen Yun definitely sparked Mr. Wied's interest.

"I asked myself already during the first part how the stage-craft artists managed to do the flames at the columns. The colours were a masterpiece."

Mr. Wied remembered one scene after another and expressed how well they represented China's folklore and everyday life in China.

He very much enjoyed Little Mischievous Monks that showed young monks having fun while the abbot was away, and said, "It makes the monks so likable." He said that he will of course recommend the performance to others.

Mr. Wied concluded, "The Shen Yun show will definitely bring everyone a deeper understanding of China's 5,000 year history and culture.”

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