Taiwan: Kaohsiung City Council Resolution Calls on Taiwan Government to Deny Entry to CCP Human Rights Offenders

According to Taiwan's Freedom Daily, the Kaohsiung city council recently passed a resolution asking the Taiwan Central Government to not allow Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials who are human rights offenders to enter the island nation. Meanwhile, the resolution also requests the Kaohsiung city government and civil groups not to invite such officials to visit the city.

In response to frequent visits by CCP delegations of all levels, Kaohsiung councilman Kang Yucheng (Phonetic) proposed this resolution, which was unanimously passed and then delivered to the Taiwan Mainland Affairs Office, Immigration Bureau and Kaohsiung city government.

Mr. Kang stated that several high ranking CCP officials who recently visited Taiwan were actually human rights offenders. Among them, Guangdong governor Huang Huahua, Shaanxi interim governor Zhao Zhengyong, CCP National Religious Affairs Bureau director Wang Zuoan and Hubei CCP general sectary Yang Song were sued by Falun Gong practitioners in a Taiwan High Court for their involvement in the persecution of the practice. Kang emphasised that the Taiwan government should review CCP officials' backgrounds before granting them entry.

In addition, as a modern city which respects human rights, Mr. Kang suggested that the Kaohsiung government and civil groups should say no to those human rights offenders wanting to visit.

Shortly after the passage of this resolution, the Taiwan Falun Dafa Association held a press conference to welcome it and appeal to Taiwan governments bodies at all levels to pay close attention to this important issue.

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