After Practising Falun Gong, My Leukaemia Disappeared

The following is a true yet miraculous story of mine.

I was 18 years old in 1996. After my father was injured at work and became severely handicapped, I decided to stop my education and start working to help provide for my family.

Shortly after I started working, I had a fever one day and felt very weak. I thought I had caught a cold but didn't pay attention to it. After a few days, it turned worse. I had difficulty even climbing up stairs. I felt near death. I had never felt like that before. I asked my mother to go with me to the company hospital. The hospital told me it was a blood disease and told me that I had to check into the hospital right away or my life would be in danger. I insisted on returning home. The next day my mother and I went to two large hospitals in the city. I was diagnosed with leukaemia. Cancer cells had spread all over my body. My mother held me in her arms and started to cry. I asked a relative who was working at the hospital, "How much longer will I live?" She said in a low voice, "I don't know."

Three days later, my family and I went to Beijing People's Hospital. I was again diagnosed with leukaemia and asked to check into the hospital. My family couldn't afford the high medical expenses that would be expected from a prestigious hospital such as this. A doctor suggested that we go to Dewai Hospital. It was more affordable, but its medical team consisted of experts from Beijing People's Hospital. He added that the doctors will check on you twice a week.

After I checked into Dewai Hospital, a nurse led me into my ward. The nurse asked, "Have you been told what you were diagnosed with?" I answered with a smile, "Yes, but I do not believe it." She said, "It has no cure." She explained to me what I would be like when I died and that the chemotherapy would be very painful." What she said threw me into depths of despair.

The next day I could hardly open my eyes when my mother called my name. I told mum that I wanted to go home, but she said, "The doctor said you might die if you take the train home." I didn't know until later that the doctor had issued a notice of critical condition and asked my family to sign the acknowledgement.

Next a long course of chemotherapy began. After each treatment, my immune system was further compromised. One day relatives came all the way to Beijing to visit me. I lay in bed with a mask over my nose and mouth. My relatives sat by the bed and held my hands. The physical contact caused an infection. I developed a fever that night. The fever caused lung infections and coughing. I was unable to lay down. I had to sit up or lean on a surface. I had fluid infusions, blood infusions and oxygen. Needle-sized holes and bruises the size of red beans spread all over my arms. Because of my low red cell count, it took a long time for me to recover.

A few days later, the next round of chemotherapy started. I dropped weight rapidly. I had not gotten out of bed since the infection because the doctor feared I might begin to haemorrhage. After the second chemotherapy, I developed mouth ulcers. The walls of my mouth felt like strips of rotten flesh. I could not speak. I had to use signals to communicate with my mother. An old Chinese traditional medical doctor checked on my mouth ulcers and commented, "In my many years of practice, I have never seen a worse case of mouth ulcers."

My mother would hold me in her arms and spoon-feed me rice porridge. Each time I ended up swallowing the ulcers. Before I recovered from mouth ulcers, I developed conjunctivitis. My eyes were red and swollen. I feared light and was in tears all the time. I couldn't open my eyes.

One round of chemotherapy was followed by another. I had chemotherapy for eight months and had 16 bone marrow punctures. All the veins in my arms and fingers had been damaged too much to be used for any more transfusions. They had to use veins on my feet and toes for transfusion instead. I was in agony. In the end, they had to search elsewhere for veins for transfusion. Soon after the transfusion started the skin around the needle would rise because the fluid was obstructed by the damaged veins. My skin changed colour because of the drugs from the chemotherapy. My skin turned hard because of the damaged and harden veins. A doctor said, "There is no cure for venous thrombosis caused by chemotherapy."

The drugs from the chemotherapy would make me tired and drowsy. I would wake up at noon and then it would be afternoon when I woke up the next time. When I gained consciousness, I felt peevish and nauseated. I had to take medicine to suppress the repeated retching. The chemotherapy would cause repeated retching and diarrhoea.

Infection is the worst enemy of chemotherapy patients. Each infection would cost more than 10,000 RMB of treatment. Sometimes it could claim your life. A leukaemia patient at the hospital only a few years older caught a cold because she took a bath. The cold caused high fever. Eventually she died of hepatic coma.

Chemotherapy harms one's stomach, liver and kidneys. I nearly lost all of my sense of smell and taste. After rinsing my mouth with hydrogen peroxide, my tongue developed spikes like that of a cat.

They used intravenous injections to apply chemotherapy during those eight months. In the worst times, I felt as though I could die any time. I remember dreaming of someone leading me to another world. I tried to fight it off, but I was powerless. It was my mum that kept patting me and waking me from the nightmare. I always used to think, "Why do I have leukaemia? Why me? When will it end? What purpose will it serve to live?" On the other hand, I wished I could survive and start a new life.

Qigong was very popular in Beijing back in 1996. Many people suggested to my family that I should start practising this or that qigong. There was a patient in the same hospital who was reading qigong books and told me it helped cure illness.

Her mother often read Falun Gong to us. I was very impressed with its content. Teacher's words opened up my mind. Sometimes I forgot about my pain. I had never heard anyone saying things like that. I knew Falun Gong is more than just qigong because Falun Gong talks about cultivation practice. I felt cultivation practice would be too difficult for me. Later I obtained a copy of Zhuan Falun. Before I read Zhuan Falun, I would wash my hands to show my respect. I wished Teacher would save my life.

In January 1997 when I finished a round of chemotherapy, I asked to return home, but my doctor would not allow it. When my family and I were prepared to spend our Chinese New Year at the hospital, I suddenly thought, "Wouldn't it be great if I could go home and learn the Falun Gong exercises!" The next day my doctor told my family to settle my account and go home. I was overcome with joy and surprise. Was it Teacher that was helping me?

Once we were home, my parents went to friends and relatives to borrow money to pay for more than 60,000 RMB of medical expenses. My parents and my company came up with nearly 20,000 yuan, but that was hardly enough. I was so depressed about the debts that I wanted to give up practising Falun Gong and wait for my time to go.

I became increasingly weak and started to fear death. I decided to practise Falun Gong and make one more effort to survive. On the other hand, I was somewhat sceptical. First, was everything Teacher said true? Second, would I be able to meet the requirements for a cultivator in Zhuan Falun? One day I read a story about a Falun Gong practitioner cured of leukaemia by practising Falun Gong. I said to mum, "If she were the very first leukaemia patient cured of leukaemia by practising Falun Gong, then I would be the second."

But I never met the former leukaemia patient in the story. My family was worried. They called on a local Falun Gong volunteer assistant, told her of my illness and asked to meet Teacher. The volunteer assistant told my family, "You'd better take your daughter to the hospital if her life is in danger. Falun Gong is about cultivation practice. If you genuinely wish to pursue cultivation practice, you need not meet Teacher in person. All you need to do is to study and follow Zhuan Falun, Teacher will watch over you.

I started studying Zhuan Falun at home. Teacher said,

"Some people may think, "I'll practice cultivation after my illness is cured." There is no precondition for practising cultivation, and one should practice cultivation if one wants to." (Lecture One of Zhuan Falun)

Every time I read the above passage, I thought to myself, "I should practice cultivation unconditionally." A lot of times when I started to doubt Falun Gong or myself, this passage of the Fa would give me unexpected comfort and encouragement. I decided that Teacher must have been helping me.

At the end of April 1997, I finally joined a local group practice. At 4:30 a.m., we started practising Falun Gong exercises. Everyone was very enthusiastic in teaching me the exercise movements. I didn't tell anyone I had leukaemia. After practising the five sets of Falun Gong exercises every day, I was in a good mood and felt more energetic.

Soon a few miracles happened. One day after the group exercise, I felt very light and agile. Back when I had chemotherapy, my body felt heavy, as though it had been filled with lead. I used to feel lethargic and muddle-headed, but now I felt clear-minded and energetic. I was filled with joy. I knew I would be able to look after myself from then on.

The second miracle happened when I was practising the sitting meditation. It started to drizzle. I felt rain drops on my body and my face. I opened my eyes and looked toward the volunteer assistant. He did not move at all. He sat with his back straight and looked as tall as a mountain to me. I closed my eyes and resumed the sitting meditation. After I returned home, I suddenly remembered that even a breeze would give me chills in the past, but I didn't feel cold at all sitting outside on the ground in the light drizzle. I actually felt warm. It convinced me that Falun Gong was truly transforming my health. I knew I no longer had to worry about colds or infections.

The third miracle happened when I was practising the sitting meditation. I felt hundreds of energy channels making simultaneous rotations in my body. The energy was very strong. I felt very warm. These miracles convinced me that cultivation practice is real.

I knew I underwent these physical transformations because I studied Zhuan Falun and transcribed the introductory text Falun Gong. I learned one must start with becoming a good person by practising cultivation. Teacher said, "In fact, let me tell everyone that matter and mind are one thing." (Lecture One of Zhuan Falun) One day I was passing by a narrow lane when a pedicab came in my way. I yielded to the pedicab, but the driver cursed me in return. I smiled a little smile and did not talk back.

In September 1997, we organized the first Fa study group in our area. Every day we would study one lecture of Zhuan Falun at the home of a Falun Gong practitioner and then share our cultivation experiences and insights. We all learned from each other's cultivation experiences. I completely forgot about leukaemia or the painful chemotherapy. I became increasingly healthy. Even the venous thrombosis disappeared. My arms no longer looked veiny. The skin on my arms and hands have restored their healthy colour. I had a health checkup at a local hospital, but I was not diagnosed with any illness. The doctor told me that I was perfectly healthy. I was ecstatic.

In October 1997, I returned to the factory. I reminded myself constantly that I am a cultivator and I must do well in every aspect. I took good care of the equipment and did my job well. I never skipped or dodged work.

In 1998 the Beijing Falun Gong assistance centre asked if Falun Gong practitioners from all over China would share how they have benefited from practising Falun Gong. When I heard the news at the Fa study group, I felt a little uneasy. It was Falun Gong and Teacher that had saved my life, but I had concealed my history of leukaemia. But I decided that it was time that I told the world how wonderful Falun Gong is. I wrote an article to describe how Falun Gong changed the life of my family and me. I also shared the article at the Falun Gong experience sharing conference in 1998. Many audience members that had not started practising Falun Gong were amazed by the power of Falun Gong. Many practitioners were in tears and thanked Teacher for His compassion and magnificence.

In 1998 I was transferred to work as a security guard. I checked incoming and outgoing vehicles responsibly. One person commented, "This job will make it very convenient for you to steal from the factory." But I never stole anything from the factory.

In 2004 I was transferred to the warehouse to be in charge of bookkeeping. One day I saw a clean piece of cotton cloth. I decided to keep it in my locker and take it home after work. The noise from closing the locker woke me up. I remembered Zhuan Falun and felt ashamed. I would not qualify as a Falun Gong student if I should fail to follow Falun Gong's teaching. I had committed the sin of greed. I immediately returned the cotton cloth. I would never steal money, jewelry or other valuables, but why did I want this cotton cloth? It is not about the absolute value of an object, but about one's attachment. I must conduct myself more seriously. Since then, I have never coveted anything I saw in the factory.

In 2006 I was transferred to the statistics department. No matter what I worked on, I always did my best.

I have tried to be kind to everyone. If a colleague is not feeling well or is busy, I will volunteer to help with his/her work. Nothing bothers me. Every time I was transferred, my colleagues were reluctant to part with me.

When I told my colleagues how I was cured of leukaemia by practising Falun Gong, they responded differently. Some insisted it was misdiagnosis. Some insisted it was the chemotherapy that cured me. Regardless of their responses, I would tell them the truth or I would feel guilty. I can never repay Teacher, but I must tell people that He cured me of leukaemia.

In 2007, the factory closed because the equipment was too old. The factory sent me to the career centre, but I was told to renounce Falun Gong or I would never be given a new job. The injustice sent me to tears. I said, "I have been working hard. I have not done anything wrong. I have the same rights as my colleagues. This is discrimination and persecution."

To make ends meet, I decided to sell knit tops on the streets. The quality of clothes vary. If there is any defect, I would always tell the customers and offer them a lower price. I would never sell a defective item at the regular prices. I would tell a customer if the clothes do not fit. My customers would tell me, "You are such a good child. Vendors would always tell me I look good in their clothes no matter how they fit. You are honest. I am glad to buy clothes from you." I always give elderly people a discount because I know how important money is to elderly people. An elderly lady came back three days after buying an item from me. She said she didn't like the item any longer because no one liked it on her. I said to her, "Granny, you look great in it. I am not lying to you. But if you really don't like it, please feel free to bring it back to me and I will give you a full refund." But she never came back.

One day a customer on a motorbike stopped and bought a woman's shirt for 20 yuan. He gave me a 100 yuan bill. When I gave him back 80 yuan and the shirt, he grabbed them and fled. It was then I checked the 100 bill and realized that it was fake. I shouted, "Come back! Come back!" It caused a scene. "A street vendor who cannot tell a fake bill!" "How can you not be able to identify a fake bill?" I felt awful and blamed myself for not paying attention.

Normally people would try to spend the fake money because no one wanted to be taken advantage of, but I must not do that. I know how it feels to be given a fake bill, so I must not cheat anyone the same way I have been cheated. But the next day I sold 7 shirts and earned the money stolen from me back. I was in tears. One must be a good person, for Heaven watches everyone.

Since the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) started to suppress Falun Gong, it has been spreading hate propaganda against Falun Gong and Teacher and persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. I will not describe the arrests and imprisonments I have been subjected to because I refuse to renounce Falun Gong and because I share the truth about Falun Gong with people. I often wonder how beautiful the society would be if everyone should keep Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance in their hearts.

Cultivation is a gradual process. I can feel my spiritual realm ascending as I continue to study Falun Gong books. I have ended many malevolent relationships with harmony and let go of many troubles and attachments. I have changed my view of life thoroughly. I now pay attention to tell right from wrong according to the Fa.

There are so many more experiences to share. Please find time to understand more about Falun Gong. Its beauty will unfold, indeed, the moment you come to know more about it.

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